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Harry Nilsson Discography/Bibliography
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ArtistSongRelease Date
Ac-RockCoconutMarch 27, 2000
Karen AkersMaybe1990
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana BrassWithout Her1969
Herb Alpert And The Tijuana BrassThe Wailing Of The WillowFebruary 8, 2005
Fred AstaireThe Wailing Of The Willow1975
Baha MenPut the Lime in the CoconutMarch 26, 2002
LaVern BakerJump Into the Fire1993
Richard BarnesMaybe1970
Richard BaroneI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1993
Beautiful SouthWithout HerDecember 1996
Beckley/Lamm/WilsonWithout Her1993
Harry BelafonteSleep Late My Lady Friend1968
Adrian BelewMe And My Arrow1993
Louis BellsonOpen Your WindowMay 21, 1975
BellyThink About Your Troubles1995
George BensonWithout Her1969
Cilla BlackWithout Her1969
Blood, Sweat & TearsWithout Her1968
Jim BoggiaOne2002
Brass RingDon't Leave Me1969
Brothers FourWithout Her-unknown-
Rodney BrownRainmaker1989
Sam BrownThink About Your TroublesOctober 1990
The Burgundy Street SingersRainmaker-unknown-
George Burns19411968
Rita CalypsoThe Wailing Of The WillowOctober 12, 2004
Glen CampbellWithout Her-unknown-
David CassidyThe Puppy Song-unknown-
David CassidyThe Story Of Rock And Roll-unknown-
David CassidyThis Could Be the Night1975
The CasualsDaddy's Song1969
Chainsaw KittensOne1992
Michael ChertockRemember (Christmas)March 28, 2000
Clem/EddyDrumming is My MadnessApril 13, 2001
CluelessOneMarch 2, 1999
Joe CockerDon't Forget Me-unknown-
Alice CohenJump Into the FireApril 13, 2001
Marc CohnTurn On Your Radio1993
CollageThe Story Of Rock And Roll-unknown-
Perry ComoDon't Leave MeMay 6, 1970
John CowanDon't Leave Me-unknown-
Marshall CrenshawDon't Forget Me-unknown-
Jimmie CrossThe Super-Duper Man1964
Jimmie CrossHey Little Girl1964
Brandon CruzBest Friend1993
Cryan' ShamesRainmakerOctober 1968
Nick DangerTen Little IndiansApril 13, 2001
Steven DavisRemember (Christmas)June 10, 1997
John DePalmaI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York CityMarch 12, 2002
Debi DerryberryLittle CowboyFebruary 2006
Henry DiltzThis Could Be the NightNovember 1987
Micky DolenzDaybreak-unknown-
Micky DolenzMe And My Arrow1994
Micky DolenzThe Moonbeam Song1991
Micky DolenzRemember (Christmas)October 2, 2012
David DriverDon't Forget MeApril 13, 2001
Dunn & RubiniTurn On Your Radio1976
Judith DurhamThe Wailing Of The Willow1979
E.J. Gold & The GalaxiansGotta Get Up-unknown-
Joe ElyJoy1994
Eternal TriangleI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1969
Kenny EverettIt's Been So LongJune 14, 1968
Kenny EverettWithout HerJune 14, 1968
Percy FaithThe Wailing Of The Willow1971
Marianne FaithfullDon't Forget Me1996
Jason FalknerCity Life-unknown-
John FarnhamOne1980
Jose FelicianoSleep Late My Lady Friend-unknown-
5th DimensionRainmaker1971
5th DimensionOpen Your Window1973
FilterOneJune 2, 1998
Ella FitzgeraldOpen Your Window1969
Flamin' GrooviesThis Could Be the Night1993
Steve ForbertThe Moonbeam Song-unknown-
Jeffrey FoskettThis Could Be the Night1997
Jeffrey FoskettThis Could Be the Night1997
Bobbie GentryRainmaker1970
Astrud GilbertoThe Wailing Of The Willow1969
Astrud GilbertoThe Puppy Song1970
Astrud GilbertoDon't Leave Me1969
The Glass MenagerieI Said Goodbye To Me1968
E.J. GoldAre You Sleeping?-unknown-
E.J. GoldMournin' Glory Story-unknown-
Robin GoldwasserRemember (Christmas)April 13, 2001
Jay GoncaloDriving Along-unknown-
Bobby GrahamMournin' Glory Story2000
Julia GreenburgI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York CityApril 13, 2001
HalCuddly ToyAugust 15, 2005
Harpers BizarrePoly High1970
Cynthia HendersonAre You Sleeping?-unknown-
Cynthia HendersonMournin' Glory Story-unknown-
Cynthia HendersonI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City-unknown-
Mary HopkinThe Puppy SongMarch 1969
Joe HurleyAll I Think About is YouApril 13, 2001
Triste JaneroWithout Her1968
JellyfishThink About Your Troubles1994
Jenny O1941May 2014
Jerry Styner and Larry BrownI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1974
JiffipopMournin' Glory Story1996
Jim FergusonMe And My ArrowApril 13, 2001
Jimmy Deuchar QuintetThe Wailing Of The Willow1979
Joe & BingWithout Her1971
The JohnsonsRainmaker-unknown-
Jonathan Fire EaterDon't Forget Me1997
Davy JonesTogetherDecember 22, 1969
Jack JonesWithout Her-unknown-
Jose JoseSin Ella1998
Kid PowerCoconutAugust 14, 2002
Ilona KnopflerOneJuly 29, 2003
The KojacksMe And My Arrow1992
The KojacksLife Line1992
The KojacksOne1992
The KojacksAre You Sleeping?1992
The KojacksThink About Your Troubles1992
The KojacksCoconut1992
The KojacksGotta Get Up1992
The KojacksThe Moonbeam Song1992
The KojacksRemember (Christmas)1992
The KojacksNobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore1992
The KojacksMournin' Glory Story1992
The KojacksMaybe1992
The Kojacks19411992
The KojacksI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1992
The KojacksRainmaker1992
The KojacksMr. Richland's Favorite Song1992
Al KooperSalmon Falls1994
Al KooperWithout Her-unknown-
Al KooperOne1969
Mary Lee KortesThe Puppy SongApril 13, 2001
Billy J. Kramer19411968
Mychael LaMorteDaybreakApril 13, 2001
Nathan LaneOneJuly 16, 2002
Vicky LeandrosNoch Einmal1969
Vicky LeandrosMon Coeur Sous Les Drapeaux1969
Vicky LeandrosCheillia Pou Dipsoun Gia Agapi1969
Vicky LeandrosWithout Her1969
Peggy LeeThink About Your Troubles-unknown-
Liesbeth ListCoconut-unknown-
Bill LloydThe Lottery Song1994
Julie LondonWithout Her1969
LuluWithout Her1968
Neil MacArthurWithout Her1969
Julian MaileCuddly ToyApril 13, 2001
Raul MaloRemember (Christmas)2005
Manhattan InnThink About Your TroublesFebruary 7, 2007
Aimee MannOne-unknown-
John Randolph Marr19411970
James MastroSpacemanApril 13, 2001
Owen McCarthyOneApril 13, 2001
Joe McGintyGotta Get UpApril 13, 2001
Bette MidlerParadise1995
Liza MinnelliI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1981
Liza MinnelliThe Wailing Of The Willow1969
Dannii MinogueCoconut1998
Modern Folk QuartetThis Could Be the Night1963
MonkeesCuddly ToyApril 1967
MonkeesDaddy's Song1968
Hugo MontenegroMe And My Arrow1972
Keith MoonTogether1975
Mark MulcahyThe Moonbeam SongApril 10, 2001
The MuppetsCoconut1993
Music ConventionOne1968
Mutual Admiration SocietyThink About Your TroublesJuly 13, 2004
Mystic Moods OrchestraI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1990
Holly NearThink About Your TroublesNovember 21, 2001
Michael NesmithRainmaker1971
New WorldThe Puppy Song-unknown-
The New YorkersI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1969
Randy NewmanRemember (Christmas)1994
Wayne NewtonI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City-unknown-
Tom Northcott19411969
Tom NorthcottRainmaker1969
Sinead O'ConnorI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City-unknown-
Michelle PateGotta Get Up-unknown-
Peter Wolf and The Houseparty 5You're Breaking My Heart-unknown-
PM DawnCoconutSeptember 1997
Elena PowellJump Into the Fire1999
Patty Pravo1941-unknown-
Alan Price1941-unknown-
PuppetBest Friend-unknown-
Eero RaittinenMauulen Niin On Aika MennaotiinFebruary 1970
Richard Bowden OrchestraI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1974
Ringo Starr and Stevie NicksLay Down Your Arms1983
Clodagh RodgersTogether1969
Ed RogersThis Could Be the NightApril 13, 2001
RonettesHere I Sit-unknown-
Mary RoosHamburg Im Regen1974
Diana RossEverything's Got 'Em1977
Diana RossMe And My Arrow1977
Diana RossLife Line1977
Diana RossRemember (Christmas)2006
Demis RoussosThe Wedding Song1980
Mark RozzoGood Old DeskApril 13, 2001
Jim RussellDown-unknown-
SagittariusI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City1969
Mathidle SantingThink About Your Troubles1989
SardinaMe And My Arrow1995
Telly SavalasWithout Her1974
Fred SchneiderCoconut1993
Tricia ScottiHere I SitApril 13, 2001
Ron SexsmithGood Old Desk1994
Ron SexsmithI Guess The Lord Must Be In New York CityFebruary 14, 1998
Shangri LasParadise1966
Sandie ShawTogether-unknown-
John SheridanBath-unknown-
Shonen KnifeParadise1993
Labi SiffreMaybe1997
Emily SkinnerThe Puppy SongFebruary 3, 2004
Lianne SmithHe Needs MeApril 13, 2001
Ringo StarrEasier For Me1974
Barbra StreisandMaybeDecember 1970
Vicki StuartRemember (Christmas)January 1, 2000
Sugar BeatsCoconutSeptember 8, 1998
K.T. SullivanRemember (Christmas)1993
The SatelliteBest Friend2006
Three Dog NightOne-unknown-
Russ TolmanJump Into the Fire1988
Tripping DaisyJump Into the Fire1996
Jennifer TryninMournin' Glory Story1994
Dale TurnerCoconutJanuary 27, 2004
TurtlesBattle Of The BandsNovember 1968
TurtlesThe Story Of Rock And RollNovember 1968
Joshua TylerSleep Late My Lady FriendApril 13, 2001
Jimmy WebbLife Line-unknown-
Andy Williams & NoelleRemember (Christmas)1973
Victoria WilliamsThe Puppy Song1994
Brian WilsonThis Could Be the Night-unknown-
Kris WoolseyRainmakerApril 13, 2001
Samuel E. WrightCoconutJanuary 27, 1998
Karen WymanOnetogether1971
Tatsuro Yamashita This Could Be the Night1978
YardbirdsTen Little Indians1967
Tony ZajkowskiBest FriendApril 13, 2001
Robin ZanderJump Into the Fire-unknown-

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