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Harry Nilsson Biography
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June 15, 1941Harry Nilsson is born in Brooklyn, NY.
1945Harry's father "walks right out the door."
1952Harry moves west.
1956Harry moves east.
1957Harry goes to school.
June 1957Harry goes west, again.
1960Harry goes to work at the bank.
1960Harry records demos for Scott Turner.
1963Harry is signed by Mercury Records.
1964Harry signs with Tower Records.
1964Harry meets Phil Spector.
1966Harry is signed to RCA.
February 1967Harry's first recording session at RCA.
February 17, 1967Nilsson records "Without Her."
April 26, 1967The Monkees Record "Cuddly Toy."
June 10, 1967Nilsson records "One."
June 12, 1967Nilsson records "1941."
June 14, 1967Nilsson records "As I Wander Lonely."
June 14, 1967Nilsson records "Ten Little Indians."
June 15, 1967Nilsson records "You Can't Do That."
September 20, 1967Nilsson records "Miss Butter's Lament."
November 1967Pandemonium Shadow Show is released.
November 8, 1967Nilsson records Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'."
November 11, 1967Nilsson records "Mr. Richland's Favorite Song."
November 14, 1967Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. is released.
December 1, 1967Harry records "Don't Leave Me".
1968Harry records a radio commercial for Ban deodorant.
April 22, 1968The Monkee's release The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees.
May 13, 1968The Beatles name Nilsson as their favorite American artist.
1969Harry becomes the first of Nilsson's albums to chart.
January 5, 1969Skidoo is released.
February 5, 1969"Blackberry Way" by The Move hits #1 in the U.K. pop chart.
March 1969Three Dog Night's "One" hits #5.
March 29, 1969Harry Nilsson makes a guest appearance in "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"
July 1969"The Story Of Rock And Roll" by The Turtles hits #48 .
August 1969"Everybody's Talkin'" is released as a single.
February 1970Nilsson Sings Newman is released.
March 11, 1970"Everybody's Talkin'" wins a Grammy.
January 17, 1971Zak Nilsson, Harry's first son, is born.
February 2, 1971The Point! airs on ABC.
June 1971Nilsson begins recording Nilsson Schmilsson.
February 19, 1972"Without You" hits the top of the charts.
March 3, 1972Harry receives a gold record for Nilsson Schmilsson.
July 1972Son of Schmilsson is released.
August 26, 1972"Coconut" peaks at #8 on the pop singles chart.
1973A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night is released.
February 12, 1973Harry appears on the cover of Time Magazine.
November 2, 1973Ringo Starr's Ringo album is released.
1974Pussy Cats is released.
1974Son of Dracula starring Ringo Starr and Harry is released to theaters.
February 8, 1974Ringo Starr releases "You're Sixteen."
March 12, 1974Harry and John Lennon are thrown out of the Troubadour club.
April 1, 1974Harry and John Lennon record "The Flying Saucer Song."
April 1, 1974"Son of Dracula" soundtrack released in the US.
April 1, 1974Rapple releases the Son of Dracula album.
April 28, 1974Harry Nilsson and John Lennon Support the March-Of-Dimes
July 29, 1974Mama Cass (Cass Elliot) dies of a heart attack.
November 18, 1974Goodnight Vienna is released.
1975Duit on Mon Dei is released.
November 1975Harry's father, Harry Edward Nilsson, dies.
1976Sandman is released.
1976...That's the Way It Is is released.
September 27, 1976Atlantic releases Ringo's Rotogravure.
1977Knnillssonn is released.
November 30, 1977David Bowie appears on Bing Crosby's 42nd Annual Christmas Special.
December 28, 1977The Point! opens at the Mermaid Theatre in London.
1978Nilsson demands release from his RCA contract.
June 29, 1979Lowell George dies.
November 28, 1979Ringo Starr's Home Catches Fire
1980Flash Harry is released by Mercury Records.
December 8, 1980John Lennon is murdered outside his home in New York City.
April 27, 1981Ringo Starr weds Barbara Bach.
October 26, 1981Ringo's Stop and Smell the Roses is released.
October 9, 1984Harry appears on WNEW radio in New York.
October 23, 1985Hawkeye Entertainment is incorporated in Colorado.
June 16, 1988RCA releases Son of Schmilsson on CD.
October 18, 1988Stay Awake is released on CD.
1989Harry writes and records the title song for Camp Candy.
July 6, 1990Harry is arrested for drunken driving.
1991Harry records a new version of "Blanket For A Sail."
September 1991Harry's "How About You" is featured in The Fisher King.
May 22, 1992Ringo's Time Takes Time is released.
June 1992Cindy Sims begins serving a two-year prison sentence.
September 1992Harry sells the Bel Air home he built in 1977.
September 6, 1992Harry jams with Ringo's All-Starr Band in Las Vegas.
February 14, 1993Harry suffers a massive heart attack.
January 7, 1994Harry gives his last interview.
January 15, 1994Harry dies at his home in Agoura Hills near Los Angeles.
February 7, 1994RADD's "Drive My Car" Video is Aired for First Time
April 29, 1994One Last Touch of Nilsson is published in Goldmine.
June 1994Cindy Sims is paroled.
February 28, 1995RCA releases Personal Best - The Harry Nilsson Anthology
March 20, 1995Zak Nilsson is Quoted in "Time"
May 1995For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson is released.
January 17, 1996Retro releases Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions.
October 8, 1996As Time Goes By ... the complete Schmilsson in the night is released.
September 8, 1997Derek Taylor dies.
November 4, 1997DCC releases Harry on CD.
March 10, 1998The Point! is re-issued on CD in the US by DCC.
March 29, 1998RCA releases A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night on CD.
May 5, 1998Eddie is a Punk is released.
June 12, 1998The first Harryfest is held in Glendale, California.
June 13, 1998A Harry Nilsson tribute concert is held at the Roxy in Los Angeles.
December 1, 1998The You've Got Mail soundtrack is released.
June 15, 1999Budda releases Pussy Cats on CD.
June 16, 1999The second Harryfest is held in Cincinnati, Ohio.
February 8, 2000Buddha releases Nilsson Sings Newman: 30th Anniversary Edition.
July 7, 2000Harryfest 2000 is held in Los Angeles California.
August 14, 2000Camden releases several Nilsson albums on CD.
October 24, 2000Buddha releases Aerial Pandemonium Ballet on CD.
April 24, 2001Hollywood Dreamer is released.
May 4, 2001Harryfest 2001 is held in London, England.
November 29, 2001George Harrison dies.
March 25, 2002Three Dog Night bassist dies.
June 14, 2002Harryfest 2002 is held in Orlando, Florida.
October 24, 2006The Walkmen Release Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen.

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