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Harry Nilsson Discography/Bibliography
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Album TitleLabel/NumberRelease DateFormatRating
Acoustic Moods {CD} Crimson Productions 49November 10, 1998CD 
Aerial Ballet {Monophonic LP}RCA LPM-39561968LP
Aerial Ballet {Monophonic LP Second Release}RCA LPM-3956RE1968LP
Aerial Ballet {Stereophonic LP}RCA LSP-39561968LP
Aerial Ballet {Stereophonic LP Second Release}RCA LSP-3956RE1968LP
Aerial Ballet {Pickwick LP Reissue}Pickwick ACL-70751980LP
Aerial Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD 
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Stereophonic LP} RCA LSP-45431971LP
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {US CD Reissue} BMG Buddha 74465997042October 24, 2000CD
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD 
AFRTS P-11454AFRTS P-11454 LP 
Afternoon Delight {CD}Delta September 1998CD 
All For Love {LP}Orchid 1982LP 
All Time Greatest Country SongsSony 1999CD 
All Time Greatest Hits {CD} RCA 9670-2-RJuly 18, 1989CD 
AM Gold Collection {CD}Time Life November 1998CD 
AM Gold: Radio Gems {CD}Madacy Entertainment Group M 18124November 1998CD 
America's Top 10 - Through the Years: 1970s {CD}  CD 
America's Top 10: 1960s - The Folk Years {CD} Top Sail Productions May 31, 2002CD 
American Classics {CD} 2000CD 
Animal Planet Presents: Sing with the Animals {CD} Rhino June 30, 1998CD 
Animal Planet Presents: Sing with the Animals {Cassette} Rhino June 30, 1998Cassette 
April * Blackwood Music Presents....Songs From The Charts {LP}CBS, Inc. AB 100011977LP 
Around the Bend {CD} Rhino Records October 5, 2004CD 
Artifacts III {Bootleg CD}Big Music BIGBX 0091995CD 
As Time Goes By ... the complete Schmilsson in the night {CD}Camden 74321 416362October 8, 1996CD
Beatlemania / Volume 2 {CD} September 2004CD 
BeatlemaniacsAce April 25, 2006CD 
Because...You Love Me {CD}Sony 2005CD 
The Best of Harry Nilsson {Camden CD}BMG Camden April 7, 2003CD 
Best of Nilsson {Australian LP}RCA 1978LP 
Best of Nilsson {Pair CD}Pair (RCA Special Products) PDC2-12141988CD 
Best of Nilsson {Pair LP}Pair (RCA Special Products) PDL2-12141988LP 
The Best of Nilsson {Japanese LP}RCA RVP-61821990LP 
The Best of Nilsson {Japanese CD}BMG BVCM-370171998CD 
The Best Seventies Album In The World...ever {Volume 1}Virgin 1997CD 
The Best Sixties Album In The World...ever {Volume 3}Virgin 1997CD 
Best Years of Our Lives Volume 3 {CD}  CD 
Bill Martin's Concerto for Headphones and Contra-Buffoon in Asia Minor {LP}WB WB-18561970LP
Billboard Presents: Family Friendship Classics {CD} Wea/Rhino/Kid Rhino 72835June 2, 1998CD 
Billboard Presents: Most Memorable Songs From Film {Cassette}Wea/Rhino/Kid Rhino June 2, 1998Cassette 
Billboard Top Soft Rock Hits: 1972 {CD}Wea/Rhino 72738April 15, 1997CD 
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {Monophonic LP}Colgems COM-109April 22, 1968LP 
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {Stereophonic LP}Colgems COS-109April 22, 1968LP
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {Japanese LP Reissue}Arista/Nippon Phonogram 18RS-291980LP 
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {Rhino LP Reissue} Rhino R2 71794September 20, 1994LP 
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {US CD Reissue} Wea/Rhino 71794September 20, 1994CD
The Birds, The Bees, and The Monkees {Sundazed LP Reissue}Sundazed LP 5049September 11, 1996LP 
Body Talk: Hearts Together {CD}Madacy Records 18215November 1998CD 
Body Talk: Just for You {CD}  CD 
Brain in a Box: The Science Fiction Collection {CD} Wea/Rhino 79936November 14, 2000CD 
Breakfast on PlutoMilan Records January 10, 2006CD 
Bridget Jones's Diary 2: More Music from the Motion Picture {CD} Universal International December 18, 2001CD 
Burbank's Finest: 100% All Meat {LP}Warner PRO-6041975LP 
Casey Kasem Presents: America's Top 10 Through Years - The 1970sTop Sail Productions April 24, 2001CD 
Chicken Soup For The Soul: Love And Inspiration {CD} Wea/Rhino October 27, 1998CD 
A Child's Celebration of Lullaby {CD}Music For Little People 72935October 28, 1997CD 
A Child's Celebration of Lullaby {Cassette}Music For Little People 8122 72934October 28, 1997Cassette 
A Child's Celebration Of Song 2 {CD} Wea/Rhino/Music for Little People 72574October 15, 1996CD 
Close To You {LP}  LP 
The CollectionHot Town Music 2001CD
Coronation Street:40th AnniversaryBMG November 28, 2000CD 
Crash Top 40. Volume 10Crash 1988LP 
The Crying Game {CD}Universal Music  CD 
Daddy Day CareSony May 6, 2003CD 
Daddy's Got a Brown New Robe 1994CD 
Daydream: Mellow Rock Classics {CD}Laserlight April 8, 1998CD 
Dick: The Unmaking Of The PresidentEmd/Virgin 47883July 27, 1999CD 
Do You Love Me? (All-Time Best Love Songs)RCA Records 66812January 1996CD 
Dog Songs {CD}Mag Records MAGD-19512000CD 
Duit on Mon Dei {Quad LP}RCA APD1-08171975Quad LP
Duit on Mon Dei {Stereophonic LP}RCA APL1-08171975LP
Duit on Mon Dei {Quad 8-track}RCA APT1-08171975Quad 8-track 
Duit on Mon Dei {1981 Japanese CD Reissue}RCA 1981CD
Duit on Mon Dei {2002 Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD
Duit on Mon Dei / Sandman {CD}BMG Camden October 14, 2002CD 
Dusty and Sweets McGee {LP}WB WS-19361971LP 
Early TymesMusicor MUS-25051977LP
Early YearsOne Up (EMI) OU-20031972LP 
An Easy Christmas {CD}Camden 74321 60787212001CD 
Easy Listening Gold {CD}Heartland Music 1998CD 
Eddie is a Punk Taang 141May 5, 1998CD 
18 Screamers From the 70's  CD
Eighteen With a Bullet: RCA's Catalog of Hits {CD}BMG 1999CD 
Eternal Voices (Voices That Last Forever)Telstar January 19, 2004CD 
Every Child Deserves a Lifetime: Songs from the for Our Children SeriesShout Factory October 9, 2007CD 
Every Man Has a Woman {CD}Polydor 823 4901984CD 
Every Man Has a Woman {LP}Polydor 823 490-1 Y-11984LP
Everybody's Talkin' {Australian CD}Castle Communications/Premium Masters PCD 100911994CD 
Everybody's Talkin' {CD}Armoury 009March 2001CD 
Everybody's Talkin' - The Very Best Of Harry Nilsson {CD}BMG/Camden 74321-476772April 25, 2000CD 
Everybody's Talkin': The Encore Collection {Cassette} BMG Special Products November 11, 1997Cassette 
Everybody's Talkin': The Encore Collection {CD}BMG Special Products 44505November 11, 1997CD 
Everybody's Talkin': The Very Best Of Harry NilssonRCA 76456May 23, 2006CD
The Fisher King: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack {CD}MCA Records 10249September 17, 1991CD
Flash HarryMercury 6302-0221980LP
For Our ChildrenDisney 60616-21991CD 
For Our Children: 10th Anniversary Edition Rhino Records 75932October 19, 1999CD 
For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson {CD} MusicMasters Rock 0162-65127-2May 1995CD
Ford Motor Company Presents Quadrasonic Sound for Today {1978}RCA DAT2-02491978Quad 8-track 
Ford Motor Company Presents Quadrasonic Sound for Today {1980}RCA DAT2-04631980Quad 8-track 
Forrest Gump {CD} Epic 66329June 1994CD 
FreedomRCA 19758-track 
Freedom Rock {LP}Sessions (Warner Special Products) OP-45101987LP
Freedom Rock {CD}Sessions (Warner Special Products) OPCD-45101987CD 
Gerry Anderson EvocationEMI 1 85848 560 6March 15, 1999CD 
The Girl Next Door Lakeshore Records March 30, 2004CD 
God's Greatest Hits  LP 
Gold Disk: Nisseki Brilliant SummerBMG CDR-10111990CD 
Good Morning AmericaK-Tel NE-10721980LP 
Goodbye Buddy (The Buddy Holly Story) 1999CD 
Goodnight Vienna {Quad 8-track} Apple Q8W 34171974Quad 8-track 
Goodnight Vienna {LP} Apple SW-3417November 18, 1974LP
Goodnight Vienna {CD} Capitol 80378July 1996CD 
The GraduateSony April 9, 2002CD 
The GRAMMYs -- 50th Anniversary CollectionStarbucks Entertainment January 3, 2008CD 
Greatest Hits {LP}RCA AFL1-27981978LP 
Greatest Hits {CD} BMG Heritage 651072March 19, 2002CD
Greatest Hits {Japanese CD} BMG July 2002CD 
Greatest Hits of the 70'sSound Promotions NET-51 CD
Hang Out Your PoetryDavid Geffen Company 245231993CD 
Happy HitsRadio DeLuxe  CD 
Harry {Stereophonic LP} RCA LSP-41971969LP
Harry {DCC CD Reissue} DCC 155November 4, 1997CD
Harry {Japanese CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD 
Harry / Nilsson Sings Newman BMG Camden August 14, 2000CD
Harry And ...K-Tel NE-10501979LP 
Harry Does Yoko 1984Other
Harry Nilsson {Korean LP}Han So Ri Records HSR-90361978LP 
Harry Nilsson {Korean CD}Hanyang Record Co. CTAT-3554 HYCD-22091992CD 
Harry Nilsson's Greatest HitsRCA International NL 890811978LP 
Harry Nilsson: Six Great HitsBMG November 11, 1997Cassette 
Harry Sings Zapata 1978Other 
Have A Buddhaful Day!Buddha BDJ11999CD 
Hits of NilssonWoodford Music WMCD 5706 CD 
Hits Of The 60'sBMG  CD 
Hollywood Dreamer Fuel 2000 061 117April 24, 2001CD 
The Hollywood MenRCA 9966July 1990CD 
I Grandi Del RockMusicatua 1993CD 
I Wish You LoveTime-Life 1998CD 
The Ice Storm Velvel Records 79713October 21, 1997CD 
Instant Party: Hot! Hot! Hot!Rhino April 17, 2001CD 
John Lennon AnthologyCapitol 30614November 3, 1998CD 
John Randolph MarrWarner Bros. 18441970LP 
Keepin' The 70's Alive: Show #97-13 March 24, 1997CD 
Knnillssonn {Stereophonic LP}RCA AFL1-22761977LP
Knnillssonn {Japanese CD Reissue}RCA BVCP-73181995CD
Knnillssonn {US CD Reissue}RCA 66754August 1995CD
Knnillssonn {2002 Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD
Kuschel Rock 1 {CD}Sony January 1, 1992CD 
Legendary {CD} BMG 74321785652October 16, 2000CD 
The Legs Go First 1976Other 
Let's Rock 2: 30 Rockin' Oldies for Kids of All AgesTime Life  CD 
Life Line: The Songs of Nilsson 1967-1971Warner-Chappell RA 0011999CD 
Lifetime of Romance: Enchanted EveningTime Life  CD 
Lilo & Stitch: Island FavoritesDisney November 5, 2002CD 
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {Australian LP} Starcall APL1-0097 LP
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {Best Buy LP Reissue} RCA AYL1-37611981LP 
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {US CD Reissue} RCA 3761March 29, 1998CD
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {Japanese CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD
A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night {UK CD Reissue} BMG Camden October 14, 2002CD 
Living in the 70s Vol. IVBMG 74321408172 CD 
Lost and Found 1994Other 
Love La Troisieme Note/Forced Expos 2005CD 
Love SongsBMG September 30, 2003CD 
Love Tales 4  CD 
Lullaby In Ragtime - The Very Best of Nilsson Vol. 2RCA ND906591992CD 
The Mad, Mad World Of SoundtracksPolygram June 17, 1997CD 
The MastersEagle 1997CD
May Your Song Always Be Sung (Tribute To Bob Dylan)Ariola 74321 47088 21997CD 
Melodies Of LoveGlobal TV 1995CD 
Menlove Ave.Capitol 46576October 25, 1990CD 
Midnight Cowboy {Stereophonic LP} United Artists UAS-51981969LP 
Midnight Cowboy {US CD Reissue} EMI 48409May 20, 1998CD 
Midnight Cowboy {180 gram LP Reissue} Simply Vinyl SVLP150December 3, 1999LP 
Monthly Music Disc {CD}Radio DeLuxe 9901January 1999CD 
The Moon Is a Harsh MistressRhino Handmade 2004CD 
My Father's Hands - Songs Of Father And Child {CD}Festival Mushroom Records 334432October 23, 2001CD 
Myself 1990Other 
Never My Love: The Lost Album SessionsVarese Sarabande 066 250June 19, 2001CD 
New Nilsson SongsRock Music Co. 1967LP 
NilssonEMI/Capitol 5C 048-50778 LP 
Nilsson '62 - The Debut SessionsRetro Records 804January 17, 1996CD
Nilsson Schmilsson {Stereophonic LP} RCA 1971LP
Nilsson Schmilsson {Quad LP} RCA APD1-03191973Quad LP 
Nilsson Schmilsson {Quad Reel-to-Reel} RCA EPQ1-0319-QF1973Quad Reel-to-Reel 
Nilsson Schmilsson {Quad 8-track} RCA PQ8-17341973Quad 8-track 
Nilsson Schmilsson {South Korean LP}RCA / Seoul Records SRPR-0401982LP 
Nilsson Schmilsson {US CD Reissue} RCA PCD1-45151986CD
Nilsson Schmilsson {Mobile Fidelity Gold CD} Mobile Fidelity UCDC 5411991CD 
Nilsson Schmilsson {24 Karat Gold Disc CD Reissue} RCA 07863-66599-21995CD 
Nilsson Schmilsson {UK CD Reissue} BMG Camden R33142August 14, 2000CD
Nilsson Schmilsson {180 gram LP Reissue} Simply Vinyl SVLP370April 22, 2002LP
Nilsson Schmilsson {Japanese CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD 
Nilsson Schmilsson {US Deluxe CD Reissue} BMG January 13, 2004CD
Nilsson Sings Newman {8-track} Pickwick C8S-7071 8-track 
Nilsson Sings Newman {Stereophonic LP} RCA LSP-42891970LP
Nilsson Sings Newman {LP Reissue} RCA APL1-02031973LP 
Nilsson Sings Newman {Pickwick LP Reissue} Pickwick ACL-70711980LP 
Nilsson Sings Newman {US CD Reissue} RCA 4289-2-R1988CD
Nilsson Sings Newman {US Deluxe CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD 
Nilsson Sings Newman: 30th Anniversary EditionBMG Buddha 99703February 8, 2000CD
Nipper's Greatest Hits-The 60's Volume 2RCA 7863-584752November 1999CD 
Nipper's Greatest Hits-The 70'sRCA 9684October 1990CD 
Nipper's #1 Hits 1956-1986 (Best Of RCA Victor)RCA April 17, 1990CD 
The Official American Bandstand Library Of Rock & Roll {CD}Atlantic 929042000CD 
Oldsmobile Complimentary Tape 19718-track
On Vine Street: the Early Songs of Randy NewmanAce April 1, 2008CD 
One And Only Love AlbumPolydor 555 610March 1998CD 
One: The Best Of NilssonDemon Music Group November 27, 2007CD
Only Fools And Horses - The AlbumBBC  CD 
Only Rock'N Roll 1970-1974: #1 Radio HitsRhino Records 3168June 1996CD 
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Promotional}RCA 1967LP 
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Monophonic LP}RCA LPM-38741967LP
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Stereophonic LP}RCA LSP-38741967LP
Pandemonium Shadow Show {US CD Reissue}RCA 53874August 1995CD 
Pandemonium Shadow Show {Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD 
Pandemonium Shadow Show / Aerial Ballet / Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {CD} BMG Camden 74321 757422August 14, 2000CD 
Papa's Got a Brown New Robe 1993Other 
Paris {CD}WEA 1990CD
Paris Highlights CD {CD}WEA 1990CD 
Paris {LP}WEA 1990LP 
Perfect Day: The Songs Of Nilsson 1971-1993Retro Active 2006CD 
Personal Best - The Harry Nilsson Anthology {CD} RCA 07863-66354-2February 28, 1995CD
Personal Best - The Harry Nilsson Anthology {Cassette}RCA 07863-66354-4February 28, 1995Cassette 
Peugeot 205 Grootste Hits {CD}  CD 
Phil Spector 74/79Philles SUPER 2307 0151980LP 
Phil Spector's 20 Greatest HitsPhilles SUPER 2307 0121997LP 
Photograph: The Very Best of Ringo Starr August 28, 2007CD 
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. {Monophonic LP} Colgems COM-104November 14, 1967LP 
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. {Stereophonic LP}Colgems COS-104November 14, 1967LP 
Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. {US CD Reissue}Rhino Records 71793January 24, 1995CD
Play It Again With FeelingRCA DPL1-0183A1981LP 
The Point! {Stereophonic LP} RCA LSPX-1003March 1971LP
The Point! {US CD Reissue} RCA 2593-2-R1989CD 
The Point! {DCC CD Reissue} DCC 2593March 1998CD
The Point! {Japanese CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD 
The Point! {US Deluxe CD Reissue} BMG Heritage November 19, 2002CD 
Pontiac Complimentary Tape {8-track} 19718-track 
Popeye {LP}Epic SW-368801980LP
Practical Magic: Music From The Motion PictureWarner Brothers 47140October 6, 1998CD 
Premiere The Movie Magazine Presents The Greatest Soundtrack Love Songs: Volume TwoPriority Records April 1, 1997CD 
The Presence of Christmas {Dove CD}Dove Audio ISBN 0-781-0192-31988CD
The Presence of Christmas {US CD Reissue}New Millenium Audio & Press 1590074696October 2003CD 
President's Greatest HitsBMG Special Products 44762July 8, 1999CD 
Punch-Drunk Love {CD}Nonesuch November 5, 2002CD 
Pussy Cats {Quad LP}RCA APD1-05701974Quad LP 
Pussy Cats {Stereophonic LP}RCA CPL1-05701974LP
Pussy Cats {Edsel CD}Edsel CD 3371991CD
Pussy Cats {US CD Reissue}RCA 07863 50570-21996CD
Pussy Cats {US Deluxe CD Reissue} BMG Buddha 99615June 15, 1999CD
Pussy Cats {Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD 
Red Mountain Music {LP}K-Tel 79021981LP 
Reservoir Dogs {CD}MCA 10541October 1992CD 
Reservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction: Soundtracks From The Quentin Tarantino Films {CD}MCA November 26, 1994CD 
Ringo {LP} Apple SWAL-3413November 2, 1973LP
Ringo's Rotogravure {LP} Atlantic SD-18193September 27, 1976LP
Ringo's Rotogravure {US CD Reissue} Atlantic 82417September 1992CD 
Rock N Roll {LP}Pickwick SPC-33211969LP
Rockin' & Rollin' Wedding Songs Volume 1 {CD}Rhino Records 70588January 1992CD 
Romancing The Screen {CD}Sony Music Entertainment 1992CD 
The Rules of Attraction {CD} Lion's Gate Records October 8, 2002CD 
Sandman {Quad LP}RCA APD1-10311976Quad LP
Sandman {Stereophonic LP}RCA APL1-10311976LP
Sandman {Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD 
Save the Last Dance for Me {LP}Camden CDS 11781976LP 
Scatalogue {LP}RCA SPS-33-5671971LP 
Scruffety {LP}World Pacific WPS-218811969LP 
70's No. 1's Volume 2 {LP}  LP 
70 Years of Recorded Music {LP}RCA Z2RY 9833October 1971LP 
Shanghai Knights {CD}Hollywood Records February 4, 2003CD 
Sin TiRCA 1971LP
Singers and Songwriters CollectionTime Life November 1998CD 
16 Top Tracks From NilssonRCA 901181988CD 
60s Gold Collection {CD}Time Life November 1998CD 
Skidoo {Stereophonic LP} RCA LSO-11521968LP 
Skidoo / The Point!BMG Camden August 14, 2000CD 
So You Are A Star: The Best Of The Hudson BrothersVarese Vintage 5572May 23, 1995CD 
Solid Gold Hits of the 70'sRCA DPC1-0816 CD 
Son of Dracula {8-track}Rapple ABS1022019748-track
Son of Dracula {Stereophonic LP}Rapple ABL1-0220April 1, 1974LP
Son of Dracula {Japanese CD Reissue}RCA BVCP-73141988CD 
Son of Schmilsson {Stereophonic LP} RCA LSP-47171972LP
Son of Schmilsson {Netherlands LP Reissue} RCA NL-433021980LP 
Son of Schmilsson {Best Buy LP Reissue} RCA AYL1-38121981LP 
Son of Schmilsson {US CD Reissue} RCA 3812-2-RJune 16, 1988CD
Son of Schmilsson {UK CD Reissue} BMG Camden August 14, 2000CD 
Son of Schmilsson {Japanese CD Reissue} BMG July 2002CD
Son of Schmilsson {2006 US Reissue}RCA May 23, 2006CD 
Songwriter {CD}RCA 07863-61138-2March 24, 1992CD 
Sounds of the Seventies Pop Nuggets Early '70s {CD}Time-Life  CD 
Spotlight on Nilsson {1966 Stereophonic LP}Tower ST-50951966LP 
Spotlight on Nilsson {8-track}Tower 19678-track 
Spotlight on Nilsson {1967 Stereophonic LP}Tower ST-51651967LP 
A Star Is Bought {LP}Asylum 7E-10351975LP 
Stay Awake {CD} A&M SP 3918October 18, 1988CD 
Stay Awake {LP}A&M SP 3918October 18, 1988LP 
Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs {Volume 1}Universal Music 2000CD 
Stop and Smell the Roses {LP}Boardwalk NBI-33246October 26, 1981LP 
Stop and Smell the Roses {CD}Capitol 29676September 20, 1994CD
Straight From The Heart {CD}Sony August 10, 2004CD 
Strange Pussies 1974Other
Suddenly '60s {CD}Music Space January 8, 2002CD 
Sun Splashin' - 16 Hot Summer HitsMadacy Records 6802May 21, 1996CD 
Sun Splashin' - The CollectionMadacy Records 2891July 28, 2000CD 
TearjerkersTime Life Records June 29, 2004CD 
Television's Greatest Hits Vol. IITeeVee Toons TVT 1200July 7, 1987CD 
...That's the Way It Is {LP}RCA APL1-11191976LP
...That's the Way It Is {Japanese CD Reissue}BMG July 2002CD
...That's the Way It Is / KnnillssonnBMG Camden October 14, 2002CD 
There Was Love (The Divorce Songs) {Cassette}Scotti Brothers March 1993Cassette 
There Was Love (The Divorce Songs) {CD}Scotti Brothers 75402March 1993CD 
They Came from Outer Space: The Alien Songbook Varese 58821998CD 
This is Cult Fiction {CD}Virgin 47850September 14, 1999CD 
Time Takes Time {LP} Private 01005-82097-2May 22, 1992LP 
Time Takes Time {CD}BMG Special Products 44684April 14, 1998CD 
A Toot and a Snore in '74Mistral Music MM 92251992CD 
A Touch More Schmilsson in the NightRCA PL 902511988LP 
A Touch of Ragtime {Stereophonic LP}Signature BSLI-06541974LP
A Touch of Ragtime {LP Reissue}Signature BFW 401121985LP 
Tower Demonstration Album for SeptemberTower PRO-4409/44101967LP 
Tropical Heat 1988CD 
Troubadours: The Essential Album MANTDCD207 CD 
20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Randy Newman {CD}Polygram 2000CD 
20th Century Masters: A Tribute to BeatlesBMG Special Products 44660April 7, 1998CD 
20 Number 1's Of The 70'sEMI 0777 7 89318 2 9 CD 
24 Karat Gold SamplerRCA RJC 66173-21986CD 
Two Sides of the Moon {LP}MCA 2136April 1975LP 
Two Sides of the Moon {CD}Petrock Music 60038July 1, 1997CD 
The Ultimate Classic Rock CollectionPolygram PS-109601997CD 
Ultimate Gangster Movie Soundtrack {CD}Phantom 2002CD 
The Ultimate Singer/Songwriter Collection WEA 389982000CD 
Uncut Magazine Sampler - October 2000Uncut Magazine UG 22 28October 2000CD 
The Very Best of Harry NilssonCamden 74321486592August 4, 1997CD 
Walk on the Wild Side: Hits of the Seventies {CD} Columbia River Entertainment Group 210010February 6, 2001CD 
Walls & Bridges {Stereophonic LP} Apple SW-34161974LP 
Walt Disney Records Presents: Dog Songs Walt Disney Records 60870-771996CD 
We Love New York: The Ultimate New York Keepsake {CD} RCA August 20, 2002CD 
Without Her Without You - The Very Best of Nilsson Vol. 1 {CD}RCA ND905201990CD 
Without You - Greatest Hits {CD}Disky/Woodford Music WM 57061994CD 
Without You/Early in the Morning {Korean CD}Han So Ri Records HSD-9036 CD 
Wonsaponatime {CD}EMI/Capitol November 3, 1998CD 
The World's Greatest Lover {LP}RCA APB1-27091978LP 
You've Got Mail {CD} WEA/Atlantic December 1, 1998CD 
You've Got M@il: Original Motion Picture Score {CD} Uni/Varese Sarabande March 9, 1999CD 
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