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Shakira Caine

Shakira Caine (nee Shakira Baksh) is a former model and "Miss Guyana" who is the wife of actor Michael Caine. Michael Caine says he fell in love with Shakira Caine when he saw her in a coffee commercial on TV. He tracked her down, they met, fell in love, and married. "She is a wonderful person in her own right; not just 'the wife of the star,' and Shakira would be beautiful even if she had an ugly face."

Shakira Baksh was born in Guyana. After graduating from high School, Shakira worked as a secretary. Her boss suggested that she enter the "Miss Guyana" contest. Shakira won the "Miss Guyana" title and came in third in the 1967 Miss World competition in London at the age of 19.

After the contest, Shakira worked as a professional model and acted in advertisements.

In 1973, Shakira married actor Michael Caine. After appearing in a few films, including The Man Who Would Be King, Shakira gave up show business to raise her family.

Shakira has designed a line of jewelry and, together with her husband, owns and manages a few restaurants.

Visitor Comments:

 Carl (October 25, 2006)
Shakira is a wonderful individual, so I've been told by some who knew her and by some who still know her. She has come a long way since her first exposure to fame. I still remember her in that Indian outfit. She is just an adorable work of art. She has held her head up high over the years, made some excellent choices in her lifetime, i.e. Mr Caine (a KOOL KAT), made her family proud. Mr. Caine lights up (not a cigarette) meaning his face glows with appreciation and high praises for Shakira whenever the opportunity arises for him to do so... That's one happy man...been married for many moons now since (1973)...just maybe they may have a few wonderful pieces of advice for their counterparts. Shakira has definitely done it her way and we ain't seen the last of her yet. She's working on a few "projects" that will propel her into another arena.....GO GIRL YOU'VE GOT THE GOODS.

WE'RE ALL PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Let them have a taste of your casreep chicken... Regards to Mr Caine and all in the family

-- Carl

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