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Chuck Negron

As a youth in The Bronx, New York, in the 1950s, Chuck Negron played basketball and sang doo wop with his group, the Rondells. Negron moved to the west coast to play basketball at the California State University. After college, Negron pursued his interest in music and formed Three Dog Night with Cory Wells and Danny Hutton. Three Dog Night became popular around Los Angeles, California, and was signed by Dunhill. Rather than writing their own songs, the group looked for good songs by other songwriters. Their third single, Harry Nilsson's "One", reached the top of the Billboard charts.

Three Dog Night reached the top of the charts again a year later with Randy Newman's "Mama Told Me (Not to Come)". In 1971, their recording of Hoyt Axton's "Joy to the World" became the group's biggest hit - spending six weeks on top of the Billboard charts.

Like many other successful rock and roll artists, Negron developed a drug habit. When Three Dog Night dissolved in 1977, he had a $2,000-a-day habit. In the early 1990s, after suffering from drug addiction for almost twenty years, Negron went into a recovery house called Cri-Help, and stayed for almost a year.

Rehabilitated, Negron restarted his musical career in 1994 by opening Howie Mandel's Atlantic City show. His debut solo album, Am I Still in Your Heart, was released in 1995.

Today, Negron tours, playing more than 70 dates a year, and works with anti-drug organizations like Musicians Assistance Program (MAP), MusiCares, and Cri-Help.

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