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Labi Siffre

Music of
Music of
Labi Siffre recorded Harry Nilsson's "Maybe".

"Siffre is gay black singer/songwriter from the UK - his later stuff is supposedly a bit more politically oriented, but on [his It Must Be Love CD] you'd easily consider him Nilsson's British cousin or something - a nice sense of whimsy, balanced with occasionally meaningful lyrics, a great penchant for the love song that's so simple it's almost a cliche, but with a haiku-like beauty." -- Delila Lacevic (June 1998 in the rec.music.rock-pop-r+b.1960s newsgroup)

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 Clock (February 5, 2008)
Labi Siffre wrote "Something Inside So Strong" (a major political hit song) as well as giving Eminem his first hit ("My Name Is") and being sampled by Jay Z and Kanye West ("I Wonder"). Check him at Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Labi_Siffre). Early in his career he wrote "It Must Be Love" and sang Nilsson's "Maybe" but in 1973 few singers (or anyone else) was writing stuff like this (from his album "For The Children"): "Let's pretend that the Pope sells all his jewels / to feed the hungry, ooh let's pretend / Let's pretend religious leaders say war is wrong / no matter who is strong / let's pretend ..." or this "And if there is a God / and us he's thinking of / well don't forget to say / that wives and mothers cry / to see their babies die / it happens every day / So God in heaven above / what are you thinking of / Is this the way you play? / Well can't you hear them weep / Now children mind your feet / Maybe God has gone to sleep". Also check "And The Wind Blows" & "Listen to the voices" from his "So Strong" album. When you read his poetry on his site, you may not like it but this guy writes what others are afraid to.
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