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Arrow 93FM

Harry Nilsson recorded a special version of "Me And My Arrow" for Arrow 93FM in Los Angeles, California.

"Early on after the launch of Arrow 93FM (September 10, 1993), I received a telephone call from a gentleman who said he represented Harry and he wanted us to know that Harry was really enjoying the radio station. He said Harry drives around all the time listening to the station. I knew that Harry lived in Agoura Hills. Anyway, a couple of days later this same representative called and said that Harry wanted to give us a gift. He arranged for me to pick up a tape that was left in the lobby and we were to understand that it was a no strings attached gift from Harry to Arrow. It was a DAT Tape and when my tech staff played it for me, I heard a mix-out of 'Me And My Arrow' sung:

Me and my arrow .... Ninety-three and me
We use it to this day (only rarely); however, after Harry's death, it became much more meaningful to everyone here. We feel very privileged." -- Tommy Edwards, Program Director of Arrow 93FM.

Arrow 93 FM is now "93.1 Jack FM."

Visitor Comments:

 Linda (January 12, 2007)
In the 70's I actually had the ALBUM and my children played it over and over and over. To this day they talk about the story and sadly after many moves we no longer have the album. It would be such a wonderful gift for my children (all grown with families of their own) if "The Point" were in a CD that they could too share with their families. Where do I find one? Is there a CD of this story?
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