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Paul Thomas Anderson

Punch-Drunk Love (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Punch-Drunk Love (Two-Disc Special Edition)
"Ever the self-starter, Anderson began writing as a teenager, and he mentions David Mamet, J.D. Salinger, David Rabe and lyricists Michael Penn (whose music can be heard in Boogie Nights), Aimee Mann, Brian Wilson and Harry Nilsson as writers he admires." -- Kristine McKenna (Los Angeles Times, October 12, 1997)

Paul Thomas Anderson was born on January 1, 1970, in Studio City, California.

Anderson became intersted in film making at a young age. He made his first film, a short mock documentary when he was 18. Anderson enrolled in the New York University film school, but dropped out after just a few days. He worked as a production assistant on commercials and music videos before making his first feature film in 1996. Sydney earned Anderson the Boston Society of Film Critics Award for Best New Filmmaker.

Anderson's second feature film, Boogie Nights. Anderson followed the success of Boogie Nights with Magnolia.

Anderson then made a more mainstream film, Punch-Drunk Love which was released to critical acclaim in 2002, earning a Best Director award at Cannes.

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