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Mal Evans

Mal Evans was a friend of the Beatles and became their road manager. After the Beatles broke up, Evans moved to Los Angeles, California, where he, Keith Moon, and Harry Nilsson were often spotted together.

On January 4, 1976, Evans's girlfriend Fran Hughes called John Hoernle and asked him to come to the apartment she shared with Evans at 8122 West 4th Street.

Hoernle had been working with Evans on a book about the Beatles. When he arrived, he found Evans crying and saying "please make sure you and Joanne [Joanne Lenard, Hoernle's assistant] finish the book."

Evans picked up an unloaded 30.30 rifle. Hoernle tried to take the gun from Evans but was unable. Fran Hughes called the police saying "My old man has a gun and has taken Valium and is totally screwed up."

Two police officers, David D. Krempa and Robert E. Brannon, found Evans upstairs in the apartment with the rifle. Evans pointed the rifle at the officers. The officers told him to put down the rifle and he refused. The officers then fired six shots, four of which struck and killed Evans.

Years later, Harry Nilsson continued the story in response to an interviewer's question:

I got a call from his [Mal Evans's] girlfriend, who said she was in jail and was being held as a material witness and that the police had just shot Mal to death. So I said, "Jeezus! Slow down, where are you?" She told me and I went down and got her out. Took her home and gave her some valium. My wife and another friend went over and cleaned the apartment. That was a braver thing than I did.

The next morning, I put her on a plane to Philadelphia and I went down to Forest Lawn and said I was sort of new at this, but what happens next? I said that I thought he should be cremated because it's cheaper for the family. So they cremated him and as I was walking out, I said, "By the way, how do you get these ashes to London?" They said, "Well, we have these cardboard cylinders." I said, `You'd send a mother the remains of her son in a cardboard box? What else do you have?" And they said, `We have this beautiful diamond-encrusted ruby old . . . We have this brass thing here with emeralds." So I picked out a nice sort of shape that looked expensive and was appropriate, and sent that to London.

A couple of days later, Neil Aspinall from Apple called and kept saying, "Harry, Harry! Where's Mal?" And I said, "Well, I sent him". And he said they couldn't find him, he's not here, and his mother's downstairs and his wife Lil is here and they're all crying, what am I supposed to tell them?" So we sent out tracers at both ends, and eventually I got a call from the airport that they'd found him. I asked where, and they said, "In the dead letter office!"

Visitor Comments:

 Rob (June 20, 2008)
I'm glad to hear that Mal's ashes were eventually found. I'd heard the story many times that they'd been lost, but this is the first time I'd read that they'd been located.
 NicNac13c (November 13, 2009)
Mal should be cannonized as the "Patron Saint of Rock Road Managers". His official title would be "Saint Malcolm of the Dead Letter Office." It's a shame that the Fabs probably never even really appreciated Mal and all he did for them until it was too late to tell him so; his salary was the equivilent of $500 a week, and where other Apple staffers asked for (and insisted on) raises in pay, Mal never asked for one and the fabs amazingly never thought to give him one. That Mal died a poor man is truly tragic. Someday, I hope his full memoirs will be availiable to read. Being a Beatle nut, I would devour it cover to cover.
 Mike L. (September 16, 2009)
I'm glad Mal did all he did to help the Beatles in their career. Road mgrs. rarely get any thanks or credit for their labors. I know, I was one in Austin, TX for some friends.. If you're lucky, you will be lucky to have some priceless moments in live music. Beyond that, you won't make any money, and you will give up a personal life. I wouldn't do it again.
 BlazrLazr (June 5, 2012)
mal was definitely a beatle
 Rogue (June 19, 2012)
well Saint Mal certainly does live on, not many folks who have their picture on inserts of Beatles cds including Anthology, Let It Be (Naked), and perhaps others. maybe one day he will get his name credited for his contributions such as sax, backing voice etc on their songs. as I recall, my LP copy of Rubber Soul does have his name listed for mouth organ(?).
 Eunice (August 29, 2012)
I grew up with Mal, and our family and his were close friends. He used to play brilliant banjo at parties at his house. He had us all singing "Last Train to San Fernando" at one of them. After I emigrated to Sydney my Dad wrote and told me Mal was coming over with the Beatles, and I got to spend time with him in the Sheraton. I got to meet 3 of the Beatles, (Ringo was sick and when 'waving time' came he had a jacket on over his pyjamas!) George was far the nicest and chatted away with me. Paul was very friendly but I found John wasn't quite as nice as the others. Probably a bit tires after doing a big show. Mal's death was a huge shock and if only the police had known him, they would've known that Mal would NEVER had fired that gun. He would have been 77 now. As kids, he was the nicest, politest kid in the street as were all his family. His sister Pam was a pet. As one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I believe Mal will be resurrected back on to this earth when it is restored to perfection, and I look forward so much to seeing him again.
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