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Una Nilsson

Una Nilsson (Una O'Keefe) was Harry Nilsson's third wife and the mother of six of his children. Harry and Una met in an ice cream parlor, married at an airport, and honeymooned in the Watergate hotel.

Visitor Comments:

 Geri Washburn Dozier (December 6, 2006)
I used to work for Harry Nilsson as his private secretary. I would really appreciate it if you would put me in touch with Una Nilsson, whom I've lost track of after Harry's death.
 Webmaster (December 18, 2006)
Please contact Una Nilsson through her attorney, Lee Blackman.
 Michele (November 25, 2010)
I have noticed that voices are very hereditary and are often passed down through the same sex gene, Judy to Liza, George to Dhani...do any of Harry's sons sing? Did any of them inherit that incredible voice?
 Steve Kahn (November 16, 2010)
Hi Una, I was Harry's product manager at RCA. Loved the man and loved the movie. I was surprised that no one from RCA was interviewed. I have great memories working with Harry... even the days in the studio with John. Btw, you have a lovely family Best, Steve Kahn Edit On Hudson
 Edo Fuenzalida - Los Angeles (October 31, 2010)
Una, today (10/31/10) I just saw the movie about Harry's life. To me Harry was known for Without You, Everybody's talking and the coconut, his music played in Chile... Now watching the film I can see enormous work he had done, having so good friends like John and Ringo, I think I've missed a great guy. I think alcohol and drugs was a common problem in his time for rock and roll guys, so I can't complaint about that, other than he might have done a better job. I felt the love for his children and how happy he was around them, a very important connection for him I guess. XOXO Edo
 gina elisa (December 22, 2010)
I am so happy Harry found a good woman like you. I loved his talent and his work since I first heard of him. I was about 12 or 13 years old. It sems the greatest artist are very sensitive. They documentary I just saw showed just what I thought about him from his music. I love the Point and made my children watch that. I love the sonf Life Line. I see you and his children as his life line. I am happy he had you to bring happiness into his life.
 justin calvert (March 9, 2011)
im a 30 yr old male in rural tn...i was raised on the great music of the 60's and 70's by my amazing father in the 80's....he had a 78 of "son of shmilsson." i was drawn to the cover of the album and its eccentric creativeness, then i heard it....it was the most wonderful and unique thing i had ever heard...i own "the point", any other harry albums i could get my hand on...he completely changed my life and what i thought i knew about music and vocal talents...he is my favorite vocalist of all time, and although i am from a different generation, harry transcends time and generations and i am forever changed by his music and talent...i love harry, and i introduce his many wonderful songs and talents to everyone in my life, everyone knows i am a "harryhead" and i miss him....i never knew him, but my heart and spirit are laden with the loss of his inspiration and love....to una, im so sorry for the loss of harry, but im sure you realize that you and your children got more time with a man that could change someone in seconds, than any other person, and you were obviously his world..... harry forever, justin
 Colleenbawn (January 31, 2012)
I just discovered this movie and what a treat it was to hear all that great music again....my children and I were huge fans as they were growing up. Una, I couldn't believe your story. When you first spoke , I said to myself "Thats an Irish accent , she has". Sure enough, they said you'd come from Dublin. I am from Tipperary..your sweet innocent look when you were young reminded me very much of myself as a young woman. I had three kids before I was 23...thats when we all moved to the USA.(My husband is a Corkman) Can't wait to share this movie with my children and grandchildren
 Mitchell jay Goldstein (July 8, 2012)
In the late Eighties I lived with Jimmy Webb's sister Suzan and help raise Autumn And Sylvia .i was teaching private SWIM lessons at the the Homes of my Clients . Magically I was listening to Harry's album on my turn table and Una must have seen my Avertisment and called me "that day" to come over an instruct the children on water safety . Harry teased me that I was doing renditions of lonely without her and desperately seeking Suzan . Harry loved his children and Una . He had the most incredible Art work on his wall in the High ceiling stairwell . A huge what seemed to be fifteen foot stainless steel cut out of Albert Einstein. With the money he paid me for swim lessOns I bought 5000 shares of Hawkeye Entertainment . I havent even thought of that til today 24 years later. For our last swim lesson i went with Una and I think four or five of the kids to the Santa Monica beach and learned about ocean safety and how to have fun at the shore. What a great family such joy . Face book has brought me closer to son Zak who I can't wait to meet someday soon. I too miss the great wisdom and friendship of Harry.
 Irish Fan (December 11, 2011)
I first heard Harry's 'A Little Touch of Schmilsson' in the 1970's at a party. I was rivetted - by his wonderful voice, his unique expression of the song, and his sheer brilliance of interpretation. The recently shown documentary 'Who is Harry Nilsson' on the BBC prompted me to buy this great album, and the joy and pleasure of hearing it again is just sublime. I would also like Una to know how charming I found her story of their meeting and their life together. Every good wish to her and her family.
 gwen andrix (January 15, 2012)
Thank you for all the great music Harry ,you are missed
 Stephen (July 19, 2011)
A different species. No wonder LA was feeling aftershocks at his funeral. God bless him and his beautiful family.
 SA (August 27, 2011)
Una you made a difference !!! Thanks, no one deserves grace, but it is given through people like you to others. Hope you have only the best of life !!! SA
 Roland Gibeault (September 30, 2011)
Thank you Harry for giving me a part of your life through your music and by doing so enhancing my life. Thank Una for doing this documentary it brought back old memories.
 Eddie Curran (May 9, 2012)
Absolutely loved the movie and am listening to his music now. However...as the movie develops, we get these comments about Harry's downhill slide and this great sadness about how things turned out. The truth -- and it was of course provided by the filmmakers -- is that his life had such a happy ending. Love at first site, a beautiful wife who adored him and he adored, children he doted on. he died in his sleep after professing the deepest love for his wife. professionally, maybe things didn't develop as they might have, but the guy had a blast, counted the Beatles as among his best friends, and his last years with that lovely Irish wife. I call that a happy story
 arrow (October 10, 2012)
I was wondering how to get rights to put on a nice small town play "the point" I grew up with this album and would love to have it in a play in our small town or school. I would like permission from his wife or kids if that was possible but cannot find how to get a hold of them. The lawyer in charge is unreceptive. let me know in this format if there is any chance of getting permission to have this play in our town. Love the music so much.many thanks
 Dinah (February 14, 2013)
A couple of nights ago I watched "Midnight Cowboy" for the first time. I mentioned it to my mom the next day and her response was, "Oh, Everybody's Talkin' At Me, the Harry Nilsson song," followed by "Jon Voight looked so silly in that fringe jacket, but Harry Nilsson was great." Anyways, I have quickly become a Nilsson fan and was super delighted to find the documentary on Netflix. My husband and I watched it earlier this evening and it was altogether touching, sad, and inspiring. Sad because "they don't make 'em like they used to," touching because he seemed like a wonderful person who left too soon, and inspiring because he was "one in a zillion!" Anyways, I just want to wish you and your family the best and thank you for sharing your beautiful memories! It's funny how sometimes you happen upon things that inspire/affect you in a certain way...well, Harry still has that reach!!
 afelsenmeer (April 21, 2013)
I just saw the PBS airing of "Who is Harry Nilsson and why is everyone talking about me?" and I came away with a renewed appreciation of this enormously gifted man. I am not one to shed tears, but I have been deeply moved by his humanity and talent. We lost him way too soon. Una and children, you were blessed to have such a wonderful husband and father. I never knew my dad, but if I could have had a dad like Harry, I would die a very happy guy. Peace and love.
 dirty dowg (June 14, 2014)
 Peter Flynn (April 28, 2015)
Una, your love story is the most romantic I've ever encountered. Before seeing the documentary the only song if his I was really familiar with was of course, Everybody's Talking but he made so many more songs and he was genuinely beloved. Either Brian Wilson or Mickey Dolenz saying he doted on his children and they could do no wrong and the film of two of them, his oldest and next with the oldest laying on his chest and. The younger putting his diapered butt in the air and all of them throwing their arms up and laughing was so beautiful and you always looking the gorgeous hippy girl and smiling at his antics was truly amazing. The way you described meeting was kismet and I have a memory like that too. That spark that lights a fire that burns forever. I'm a huge fan of his now and I'm sorry he didn't perform but the story of him showing up at the BBC and thinking it would be a small crowd and finding a full studio audience and those being the only concert footage of him was so cool. He was a great performer. He had great and very famous friends. I'll love and respect his work forever. By the way, everyone singing Fuck You at his memorial was so fitting. Cheers, Una. All my best to you. Ciao. Peter Flynn
 Lyn Wilhelm (May 16, 2015)
I am a grandmother, but adore Harry's music and play it every day from my collection of his CDs. I heard him first when our son brought home his "Point" and we all flipped over it. The documentary has brought him back for us all to love, enjoy, and admire all over again.Thanks to all those who have decided to let the rest of the world be inspired and moved by his brilliance. Genius is the best word coupled with tenderness, sensitivity, affection, poetry and humor. I grew up in the big band era with all those fabulous vocalists, and still, my favorite is the one and only Harry. His life story pulls at the heart strings and makes us even happier at his success.I love the blog and interviews on another page,which help to bring him back to life. Una, you are one in a million, and thank you for making his life so full and complete with yourself and all those beautiful children. The end came too soon, but he must have been one of the happiest men in music.
 sharon (July 15, 2015)
after seeing the documentary I cannot stop playing harry music over and over again. how could you not fall in love with man. there are songs of his I can play over and over again and will never begin to lose interest or stop listening to the most hypnotic, beautiful, perfect voice ever. I am so glad this documentary was made. I can only amagine how many new harry fans it will create. una, it was the timing that made your great love story even better. harry was ready for you needed you and loved you. better yet you loved and knew harry for harry.
 Marianne ( from Milwaukee) (August 1, 2015)
Hi, I've no idea if anyone is going to read my comments or not, but I just wanted to say, I loved Harry's music( all of his music). The year, "Without You, can't live" came out (1972) was the year my mother died, suddenly, unexpectedly, and I recall as a child of 13 singing it and singing it over and over again with Harry. We shared a moment together, I guess you could say.
 Bernie (August 31, 2015)
knowing who you are
knowing that you're near
I knew you as a kid
It's nice to know you're here
A year before I'm born
You headed to LA
You should have been in junior high
Instead, you ran away
A rags to riches story
Two grammies at your side
And all the whiskey in the world
Could not stem the tide
Of things you missed in childhood
Your demons never freed
You ran around with rock stars
And smoked up all their weed
You could not break the cycle
Why, you never even tried
Still you taught your children
To look life in the eye
You left us all in '94, but now you're back again
Everybody's talkin, Without You
The party's not the same
It ain't right to love a person
That you never met -
But not in your case Harry
Ya got a cigarette?
I've got to let you go now
This obsession's getting old
Before I go I'd like to say
I hope this don't sound bold
I'd like to break the binding chains
Of kids that feel alone
And let them soar above the earth
With the spirit that you've shown
And the music you had in you
So very few possess
You've made the world a better place
I wish you happiness
 Leeann (September 11, 2015)
I absolutely Love Harry his voice is so unique and I personally feel he's one of the best singers in the world I've never hear such magic in a voice. He sounds like he was such a romantic loving man and a wonderful father. The way you met was the most beautiful story of two people falling in love that I've ever heard. You must miss him terribly. He's touched so many people with his songs. Heavens, so lucky to have him singing with the best. Blessing to you and your family. Thank you for your music Harry. xxx
 Tony (February 16, 2016)
Hi Una, Hope you and your family are well? I seen the Documentary about Harry and yourself such a nice couple ye made. Take Care
 neonscott (November 4, 2016)
After sitting down and listening to the 17 disc's from the RCA collection I only thought I was a fan before. What an amazing, awesome, incredible voice and wit Harry had, there's not a bad song anywhere in those 17 disc's. Terribly missed
 Kellybook (March 15, 2017)
Guess you probably get tons of messages, I've loved Harry since The Point and I've enjoy Who is Harry Nilsson hundreds of times. You must be a truly amazing person. Hope all is well with you and your family. Love, Kelly
 Sally (April 17, 2017)
I LOVED "The Moonbeam" and "Without You" LONG (1973) before I heard the name Harry Nilsson, because one of my sons used them in a home movie he made. I just moved to a new location, played the movie, and called my eldest son, who happens to be a longtime Harry fan. I felt so sad about his death, at first, and was moved to find out everything I could about him because his music impacted me so strongly. Then, when I learned about Una and his blissful years with her and their sons, I felt SO uplifted. I feel sure that, as long as she lives, she will miss his human form, but, because of the miracle of their lives, I strongly feel that she knows he is waiting with open arms on the other side, because Spirit is eternal. I love Una, their sons, and EVERYONE who loved/loves Harry for loving him. My family (four children and twelve grandchildren are all musically and artistically talented and all my children glory in THEIR children (as do I) just aHarry did/does.
 JendaStenda of planet earth (November 10, 2014)
Just saw the movie, what a ride. From the movie Una, you have raised a great family. The connection to the Beatles and ability to rise up through the minutia of life and not jus fit in with the times but create (sadly) the post breakup Beatles and the Lennon Lost Weekend is more clear to me now with knowing more about Harry.
 Deirdre from Dublin Ireland (March 14, 2015)
Hi Una, I truly hope you read this as I feel Harry had such a difficult, lonely start in life and I feel you were his Gift in life. I am soooo pleased he met you and you had your 6 children together. I simply adore his voice and his willingness to be a "Black Sheep" and stand out from the crowd..... You must miss him terribly.......love and admiration xxxx
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