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Nat Weiss

According to rumor, Derek Taylor played demos of Harry Nilsson's Pandemonium Shadow Show to Nat Weiss of the Beatles's management company, NEMS and NEMS attempted to lure Harry away from RCA. But the attempt ended when Beatles manager Brian Epstein died.

Visitor Comments:

 Ken Morris (August 21, 2007)
I've known Nat Weiss since I was a teenager in music. He is probably the most influencial man in the record industry until CBS Records was sold to Sony. Then Nat went into producing or working in the field of Broadway plays. He has always had time for me, was a great mentor, honest, (sometimes brutually, but tacfully), and is a brilliant man. I am soon to go to manhatten to, amonst other things, speak with Nat on a new recording contract. I trust him, respect him, and appreciate all the phone calls and conversations he took from his home to guide me as I developed into a good artist, producer and businessman. You can view and sample my work at (www.kenmorrismusic.com) and proud to call him an influence. Cunning, yes..but isn't that what is "job' is to be as a music attorney? He got Walter Yentakoff the position as president of CBS when Walter was a businessman in the "rag district". He put Frank Delio together with Michele Jackson to launch his solo career( which turned out very lucrative!!) He's a brillent, down to earth and suprisingly sensitive man, as I have spent many hours at his Manhatten home. Say what you will...alot of the pop music of the 20th century would not have come to us, ( James Taylor, Carley Simon, Cat Stevens, ect)if it were not for Nat's genius . Sincerely, Ken Morris
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