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Frank Stallone2017-07-18 16:05:49
The Wailing Of The Willow (Jimmy Deuchar Quintet)2017-05-17 17:13:32
Without Her (Brothers Four)2017-05-17 13:25:25
Rainmaker (Kris Woolsey)2017-05-16 01:12:39
This Could Be the Night (Modern Folk Quartet)2017-05-15 08:47:49
Me And My Arrow (Jim Ferguson)2017-05-14 01:59:24
Maybe (Barbra Streisand)2017-05-14 01:39:50
Maybe (Richard Barnes)2017-05-14 01:39:34
I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City (Richard Bowden Orchestra)2017-05-14 01:06:48
I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City (The New Yorkers)2017-05-14 01:03:33
Here I Sit (Ronettes)2017-05-14 00:46:59
Don't Forget Me (David Driver)2017-05-13 23:38:49
Coconut (The Muppets)2017-05-13 23:24:28
Coconut (Fred Schneider)2017-05-13 23:23:32
This Could Be the Night (Henry Diltz)2017-05-13 08:29:37
Without Her (Lulu)2017-05-13 08:29:18
Without Her (Vicky Leandros)2017-05-13 08:28:02
Without Her (Cilla Black)2017-05-13 08:25:34
Open Your Window (Ella Fitzgerald)2017-05-13 08:23:47
Noch Einmal (Vicky Leandros)2017-05-13 08:23:30
The Moonbeam Song (The Kojacks)2017-05-13 08:21:11
One (Al Kooper)2017-05-13 08:19:40
One (Jim Boggia)2017-05-13 08:19:39
One (Filter)2017-05-13 08:19:33
One (Music Convention)2017-05-13 08:19:30

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