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Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue}

Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {Japanese CD Reissue}

July 2002


Aerial Pandemonium Ballet MP3 Download


Arranger: George Tipton
Artist: Harry Nilsson
Bass: Larry Knechtel
Bass: Lyle Ritz
Cello: Jesse Ehrlich
Design: Dick Hendler
Design: Dean Torrence
Design: Jeff Gold
Drums: Donald Frost
Engineer: Pat Ieraci
Engineer: Dick Bogert
Flute: Jim Horn
Guitar: Neil Levang
Guitar: Dr. John
Guitar: Mike Deasy
Harpsichord: Michael Melvoin
Horn: Richard Hyde
Horn: Tony Terran
Horn: Dick Nash
Horn: Robert Knight
Horn: Cappy Lewis
Horn: George Roberts
Horn: Ollie Mitchell
Horn: David Duke
Horn: Roy Caton
Percussion: Hubert Anderson
Percussion: Milt Holland
Percussion: Dale Anderson
Photography: Dean Torrence
Piano: Michael Melvoin
Piano: Dr. John
Piano: Don Ralke
String Arrangements: Alfred Lustgarten
Strings: Robert Sushel
Strings: Leonard Atkins
Strings: Arnold Belnick
Strings: Jesse Ehrlich
Strings: Darrel Terwilliger
Strings: Jacqueline Lustgarten
Strings: Tibor Zelig
Strings: Wilbert Nuttycombe
Strings: Jerome J. Reisler
Strings: Paul Shure
Strings: Leonard Malarsky
Tabla: Milt Holland


2-"1941 {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
3-"Daddy's Song {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
4-"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
5-"Good Old Desk {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
6-"Everybody's Talkin' {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
7-"Bath {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
8-"River Deep-Mountain High {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Remix}"
9-"Sleep Late My Lady Friend {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
10-"Don't Leave Me {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
11-"Without Her {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Remix}"
12-"Together {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
13-"One {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
15-"You Can't Do That {APB}"
17-"Joy {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
18-"Early In The Morning {Demo}"
19-"Walk Right Back/Cathy's Clown"
20-"The Filler"


Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (Japanese CD Reissue)
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (Stereophonic LP)
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (US CD Reissue)


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