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Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {US CD Reissue}

Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {US CD Reissue}
United States
BMG Buddha
October 24, 2000
Buddha released a remastered Aerial Pandemonium Ballet on CD with bonus tracks and liner notes by Curtis Armstrong. Booklet contains previously unpublished pictures of Harry in the studio by Dean Torrence and a note from Richie Schmitt.

In December, 2000, NME ranked Aerial Pandemonium Ballet number two in their list of the "Top 5 Reissues Of The Year."


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Arranger: George Tipton
Artist: Harry Nilsson
Bass: Larry Knechtel
Bass: Lyle Ritz
Cello: Jesse Ehrlich
Design: Jeff Gold
Design: Dean Torrence
Design: Dick Hendler
Drums: Donald Frost
Engineer: Pat Ieraci
Engineer: Dick Bogert
Flute: Jim Horn
Guitar: Dr. John
Guitar: Neil Levang
Guitar: Mike Deasy
Harpsichord: Michael Melvoin
Horn: Dick Nash
Horn: Richard Hyde
Horn: Tony Terran
Horn: Robert Knight
Horn: Cappy Lewis
Horn: George Roberts
Horn: Ollie Mitchell
Horn: David Duke
Horn: Roy Caton
Mastering: Elliot Federman
Percussion: Dale Anderson
Percussion: Milt Holland
Percussion: Hubert Anderson
Photography: Alex Miller
Photography: Dean Torrence
Piano: Don Ralke
Piano: Michael Melvoin
Piano: Dr. John
Product Manager: Jeremy Holiday
Production Assistant: Traci Werbel
Production Assistant: Steve Strauss
Production Assistant: Russ Wapensky
Project Coordinator: Larry Parra
Project Coordinator: Dana Renert
Project Coordinator: Robin Manning
Project Coordinator: Bill Stafford
Project Coordinator: Stephanie Kika
Project Coordinator: Brooke Nochomson
Project Coordinator: Karyn Friedland
Project Coordinator: Arlessa Barnes
Redesign: David Alan Kogut
Reissue Producer: Glenn Korman
Reissue Producer: Rob Santos
String Arrangements: Alfred Lustgarten
Strings: Jesse Ehrlich
Strings: Tibor Zelig
Strings: Darrel Terwilliger
Strings: Robert Sushel
Strings: Paul Shure
Strings: Jerome J. Reisler
Strings: Wilbert Nuttycombe
Strings: Leonard Malarsky
Strings: Leonard Atkins
Strings: Jacqueline Lustgarten
Strings: Arnold Belnick
Tabla: Milt Holland


2-"1941 {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
3-"Daddy's Song {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
4-"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
5-"Good Old Desk {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
6-"Everybody's Talkin' {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
7-"Bath {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
8-"River Deep-Mountain High {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Remix}"
9-"Sleep Late My Lady Friend {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
10-"Don't Leave Me {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
11-"Without Her {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Remix}"
12-"Together {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
13-"One {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
15-"You Can't Do That {APB}"
16-"Joy {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
18-"Early In The Morning {Demo}"
19-"Walk Right Back/Cathy's Clown"
20-"The Filler"


Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (Japanese CD Reissue)
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (Stereophonic LP)
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet (US CD Reissue)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
(4.0 / 4.0)
Alex Vaughn
(4.0 / 4.0)
Timothy Craig
(4.0 / 4.0)
As excellent as the original, the bonus tracks, (especially "Walk Right Back") alone are worth the cost of the disc. Harry's version of "Isolation" is not as good as John Lennon's, but a close second.

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