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All I Think About is You

Recorded/Published: 1977


All I Think About Is You MP3 Download


Arranger: Mike McNaught
Performer: Colin Bennett
Performer: St. Paul's Cathedral Boy's Choir
Producer: Robin Geoffrey Cable
Producer: Nilsson House
Publisher: Golden Syrup
Songwriter: Harry Nilsson


How can I run away from darkness at the close of day
When all I think about is you
Not knowing where I'm going
What am I to do
When all I think about is you



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Song Ratings/Reviews
All I Think About is You
(4.0 / 4.0)
Michael Doyle
(4.0 / 4.0)
Joseph Skade
(3.0 / 4.0)
stuart wood
(4.0 / 4.0)
'All I think about is you' is a most haunting, melodic song and I genuinely feel that it is one of the most beautiful songs ever written. It is not that well known and time will tell of course but I believe it will last. The arrangement is just the best..........stuart wood

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