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Movies and TV Shows

All That Jazz

United States
Harry Nilsson's "Perfect Day" is heard in All That Jazz.


Actor ("Alvin Rackmil"): Stephen Strimpell
Actor ("Angelique"): Jessica Lange
Actor ("Apprentice Editor"): Gavin Moses
Actor ("Assistant Insurance Man"): Wallace Shawn
Actor ("Assistant Stage Manager"): Wayne Carson
Actor ("Attendant"): Tito Goya
Actor ("Audrey Paris"): Leland Palmer
Actor ("Autographer Seeker"): Jacqueline Solotar
Actor ("Cast of NY/LA"): Sammy Smith
Actor ("Cast of NY/LA"): Mary McCarty
Actor ("Cast of NY/LA"): Theresa Merritt
Actor ("Cast of NY/LA"): Steve Elmore
Actor ("Cast of NY/LA"): I.M. Hobson
Actor ("Clapper Boy"): Michael Green
Actor ("Clapper Boy"): Bruce MacCallum
Actor ("Comic"): Frankie Man
Actor ("Dancer Backstage"): Kerry Casserly
Actor ("Dancer Backstage"): Judi Passeltiner
Actor ("Dancer"): Nicole Fosse
Actor ("Davis Newman"): Cliff Gorman
Actor ("Diane"): Barbara McKinley
Actor ("Dietician"): Mary Mon Toy
Actor ("Dr. Ballinger"): Michael Tolan
Actor ("Dr. Garry"): Ben Masters
Actor ("Dr. Hyman"): Robert Levine
Actor ("Eddie"): Allan Heim
Actor ("Fan Dancer #1"): Trudy Carson
Actor ("Fan Dancer #2"): Mary Sue Finnerty
Actor ("Fan Dancer #3"): Lesley Kingley
Actor ("Fan Dancer #4/Menage Partner #2"): P.J. Mann
Actor ("Fan Dancer #5"): Cathy Rice
Actor ("Fan Dancer #6"): Sonja Stuart
Actor ("Fan Dancer #7"): Terri Treas
Actor ("Himself"): Jules Fisher
Actor ("Insurance Doctor"): Eugene Troobnick
Actor ("Insurance Man"): Leonard Drum
Actor ("Intern"): Gary Bayer
Actor ("Joe Gideon"): Roy Scheider
Actor ("Jonesy Hecht"): William LeMassena
Actor ("Joshua Penn"): Max Wright
Actor ("Kate Jagger"): Ann Reinking
Actor ("Kathryn"): Kathryn Doby
Actor ("Larry Goldie"): David Margulies
Actor ("Leslie Perry"): Chris Chase
Actor ("Lucas Sergeant"): John Lithgow
Actor ("Manager, Rehearsal Studio"): Edith Kramer
Actor ("Menage Partner #1"): Vicki Frederick
Actor ("Michelle"): Erzsebet Foldi
Actor ("Mother"): Sloane Shelton
Actor ("Murray Nathan"): Phil Friedman
Actor ("Nurse Bates"): Nancy Beth Bird
Actor ("Nurse Blak"): C.C.H. Pounder
Actor ("Nurse Briggs"): Catherine Shirriff
Actor ("Nurse Capobianco"): Leah Ayres
Actor ("Nurse Collin"): Joyce Ellen Hill
Actor ("Nurse Pierce"): Joanna Merlin
Actor ("O'Connor Flood"): Ben Vereen
Actor ("Old Woman"): Lotte Palfi-Andor
Actor ("Paul Dann"): Anthony Holland
Actor ("Pianist"): Arnold Gross
Actor ("Porter"): Tiger Haynes
Actor ("Principal Dancer #"): Bruce Anthony Davis
Actor ("Principal Dancer #1"): Sandahl Bergman
Actor ("Principal Dancer #10"): Rima Vetter
Actor ("Principal Dancer #2"): Eileen Casey
Actor ("Principal Dancer #4"): Gary Flannery
Actor ("Principal Dancer #5"): Jennifer Nairn-Smith
Actor ("Principal Dancer #6"): Danny Ruvolo
Actor ("Principal Dancer #7"): Leland Schwantes
Actor ("Principal Dancer #8"): John Sowinski
Actor ("Principal Dancer #9"): Candace Tovar
Actor ("Resident MD"): Harry Agress
Actor ("Rock Band Bass Player"): John Paul Fetta
Actor ("Rock Band Drummer"): Ralph E. Berntsen
Actor ("Rock Band Guitar Player"): Andy Schwartz
Actor ("Rock Band Keyboard"): Jan Flato
Actor ("Script Supervisor"): Minnie Gaster
Actor ("Stacy"): Sue Paul
Actor ("Stripper #1"): K.C. Townsend
Actor ("Stripper #2"): Melanie Hunter
Actor ("Stripper #3"): Rita Bennett
Actor ("Ted Christopher"): Robert Hitt
Actor ("Victoria Porter"): Deborah Geffner
Actor ("Young Joe"): Keith Gordon
Choreographer: Bob Fosse
Cinematography: Giuseppe Rotunno
Composer: Ralph Burns
Costume Designer: Albert Wolsky
Director: Bob Fosse
Editor: Alan Heim
Producer: Robert Alan Authur
Screenwriter: Bob Fosse
Screenwriter: Robert Alan Authur
Set Designer: Philip Rosenberg


---"Perfect Day"


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