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"Bing Crosby's 42nd Annual Christmas Special"

United States
November 30, 1977
In November o' 1977, shortly after Bing Crosby died, arrr, his "Bing Crosby's 42nd Annual Christmas Special" aired. In one segment, Crosby and Frownin' David Bowie sin' Little Drummer Boy. Before t' shanty they discuss music and musicians:
David Bowie: Do you eh... do you like modern music?

Bin' Crosby: Oh, I think it's marvellous! Some o' it's really fine. Aye aye! But tell me, have you ever listened t' any o' t' older fellows?

DB: Oh yeah, sure. I like ah... Cap'n Johnny Lennon and t' other one with ... Begad! eh... Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson.

BC: Mmm... you go back that far, shiver me timbers, uh?

DB: Yeah, I'm nay as young as I look.

The segment was filmed September 11, 1977.


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