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Movies and TV Shows


United States
November 22, 1995


Actor ("Ace's Photographer"): Phillip V. Caruso
Actor ("Ace's Secretary"): Linda Perri
Actor ("Agent--Piscano Raid"): Gary C. Rainey
Actor ("Agent--Piscano Raid"): Loren Stevens
Actor ("Ambulance Driver"): Sam Wilson
Actor ("Americo Capelli"): Dominick Grieco
Actor ("Andy Stone"): Alan King
Actor ("Anna Scott"): Ffolliott Le Coque
Actor ("Arthur Capp"): Peter Conti
Actor ("Artie Piscano"): Vinny Vella
Actor ("Baby Amy"): Darla House
Actor ("Baker"): Jack Orend
Actor ("Bar-tend Joe"): Walt G. Ludwig
Actor ("Beeper"): Steve Vignari
Actor ("Bellman"): Leain Vashon
Actor ("Bernie Blue"): Max Raven
Actor ("Billy Sherbert"): Don Rickles
Actor ("Blonde at Bar"): Heide Keller
Actor ("Board Investigators"): Brian Reddy
Actor ("Board Investigators"): Roy Conrad
Actor ("Bookie"): Anthony Russell
Actor ("Business Week Reporter"): Gwen Castaldi
Actor ("Cashier"): Jennifer M. Abbott
Actor ("Casino Executive"): Richard F. Strafella
Actor ("Casino Executive"): Richard Amalfitano
Actor ("Charlie Clark"): Richard Riehle
Actor ("Chastised Dealer"): Rick Crachy
Actor ("Chastised Gambler"): Alfred Nittoli
Actor ("Classroom Nun"): Carol Wilson
Actor ("Commissioner Bales"): Andy Jarrell
Actor ("Contol Board Member"): Tyde Kierney
Actor ("Control Board Member"): Robert Sidell
Actor ("Cop at Ace's House"): Randy Sutton
Actor ("Cop at Ace's House"): Jeff Corbin
Actor ("Cop in Restaurant"): Mike Maines
Actor ("Cop in Restaurant"): Bobby Hitt
Actor ("Counter"): Casper Molee
Actor ("Counter"): David Leavitt
Actor ("Country Club Woman"): Ruth Gillis
Actor ("Country Club Woman"): Carol Cardwell
Actor ("Country Club Woman"): Patti James
Actor ("Cowboy"): Craig Vincent
Actor ("Craps Dealer"): Frankie Allison
Actor ("Craps Dealer"): Dom Angelo
Actor ("Credit Clerk"): Buck Stephens
Actor ("Crooked Poker Dealer"): Tommy DeVito
Actor ("Custom's Agent"): Robert C. Tetzlaff
Actor ("David"): David Rose
Actor ("Detective Bob Johnson"): Joe Lacoco
Actor ("Detective"): Mitch Kolpan
Actor ("Detective"): Csaba Maczala
Actor ("Doctor Dan"): Daniel P. Conte
Actor ("Dominick Santoro"): Phillip Suriano
Actor ("Don Ward"): John Bloom
Actor ("Elderly Man"): Dean Casper
Actor ("Fat Sally"): Michael Toney
Actor ("FBI Agent #1"): Sly Smith
Actor ("FBI Agent"): George W. Allf
Actor ("FBI Agent"): Richard Wagner
Actor ("FBI Agent"): Joe Anastasi
Actor ("FBI Agent"): F. Marcus Casper
Actor ("FBI Agent"): David Arcerio
Actor ("Female Newscaster"): Paige Novodor
Actor ("Flirting Executive"): David Varriale
Actor ("Frank Marino"): Frank Vincent
Actor ("Gambler in Phone Booth"): Paul Herman
Actor ("Ginger McKenna"): Sharon Stone
Actor ("Herself"): Jayne Meadows
Actor ("High Roller"): Ali Pirouzkar
Actor ("Himself"): Steve Allen
Actor ("Himself"): Jerry Vale
Actor ("Himself"): Frankie Avalon
Actor ("Himself"): Oscar Goodman
Actor ("Ichikawa"): Nobu Matsuhisa
Actor ("Ichikawa's Associate"): Toru Nagai
Actor ("Jack Hardy"): Jed Mills
Actor ("Jennifer Santoro"): Melissa Prophet
Actor ("Jeweler Fences"): Mufid M. Khoury
Actor ("Jeweler Fences"): Khosrow Abrishami
Actor ("Jewelry Store Owner"): Mortiki Yerushalmi
Actor ("John Nance"): Bill Allison
Actor ("Jonathan"): Jonathan Kraft
Actor ("Judge"): Haven Earl Haley
Actor ("Judge"): J. Charles Thompson
Actor ("Juggler"): Gil Dova
Actor ("LA Banker"): Stuart Nisbet
Actor ("Lester Diamond"): James Woods
Actor ("Lip Reader"): Peter Sugden
Actor ("Little Nicky"): Christian A. Azzinaro
Actor ("Lucky Larry"): Larry E. Nadler
Actor ("Maitre d' at Disco"): Rudy Guerrero
Actor ("Maitre d'"): Herb Schwartz
Actor ("Maitre d'"): Gino Bertin
Actor ("Male Blackjack Dealer"): Nick Mazzola
Actor ("Man in Bar"): Steve Schirripa
Actor ("Moosh"): Joseph Bono
Actor ("Nicky Jr."): Jeffrey Azzinaro
Actor ("Nicky Santoro"): Joe Pesci
Actor ("Old Man Capo"): Salvatore Petrillo
Actor ("Older Amy"): Erika von Tagen
Actor ("Orchestra Leader"): Sasha Semenoff
Actor ("Parking Valet"): Jeff Scott Anderson
Actor ("Parking Valet"): Frank Washko Jr.
Actor ("Pat Webb"): L.Q. Jones
Actor ("Phillip Green"): Kevin Pollak
Actor ("Piscano's Brother-in-Law"): George Comando
Actor ("Piscano's Daughter"): Catherine T. Scorsese
Actor ("Piscano's Mother"): Catherine Scorsese
Actor ("Piscano's Wife"): Carrie Cipollini
Actor ("Pit Boss"): Jed L. Hansen
Actor ("Pit Boss"): Jim Morgan Williams
Actor ("Receptionist"): Janet Denti
Actor ("Remo Gaggi"): Pasquale Cajano
Actor ("Reporter at Airport"): Mike Weatherford
Actor ("Reporter at Airport"): Michael Paskevich
Actor ("Reporter at Airport"): Eric Randall
Actor ("Rocky"): Frank Adonis
Actor ("Sal Fusco"): Clem Caserta
Actor ("Sam 'Ace' Rothstein"): Robert De Niro
Actor ("Secretary"): Cameron Milzer
Actor ("Security Guard"): Fred Smith
Actor ("Security Guard"): Greg Anderson
Actor ("Security Guard"): Sonny D'Angelo
Actor ("Security Guard/Cowboy"): Richard T. Smith
Actor ("Senator"): Dick Smothers
Actor ("Senator's Hooker"): Millicent Sheridan
Actor ("Shift Manager"): Joe Molinaro
Actor ("Showgirl in Parking Lot"): Shellee Renee
Actor ("Showgirls Stage Manager"): Michael McKensie Pratt
Actor ("Signaller"): Joe La Due
Actor ("Slapped Man"): Frank Regich
Actor ("Slapping Woman"): Carol Krolick
Actor ("Slim"): Paul Dottore
Actor ("Stabbed Gambler"): Joey De Pinto
Actor ("Ticket Agent"): Charlene Hunter
Actor ("Tony Dogs"): Carl Ciarfalio
Actor ("Trudy/Announcer"): Claudia Haro
Actor ("TV Newsman"): Mike Bradley
Actor ("TV Newsman"): Dave Courvoisier
Actor ("Valet Parker"): Brian Le Baron
Actor ("Vincent Borelli"): Joseph Rigano
Actor ("Vinny Forlano"): Gene Ruffini
Actor ("Wife"): C.C. Carr
Actor ("Wife"): Karyn Amalfitano
Actor ("Wife"): Nan Brennan
Actor ("Winner"): Joseph Reidy
Actor ("Wiseguy Eddy"): John Manca
Actor ("Wiseguy Jerry"): Ronald Maccone
Actor ("Woman Black Jack Dealer"): Madeline Parquette
Associate Producer: Joseph Reidy
Cinematography: Robert Richardson
Director: Martin Scorsese
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Producer: Barbara De Fina
Screenwriter: Nicholas Pileggi
Screenwriter: Martin Scorsese


---"Without You"


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