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"Coke, You Nut"

United States
March 7, 2005
Coca-Cola launched its new Coke with Lime with a 30-second television spot called "Coke, You Nut" which debuted during the March 7, 2005, broadcast of "American Idol" on Fox. The ad was voted "Best of the Month" for March, 2005, by Adweek.

The ad shows a Coca-Cola scientist inventing Coca-Cola with Lime. The researcher holds up a can of the soda as Harry Nilsson's song "Coconut" begins playing. The scene switches to a board room at Coca-Cola. A company official sings "Now, let me get this straight?" then turns to the board of directors and sings "You put the lime in the Coke, you nut, and you drink it all up ..."


Agency: Berlin Cameron/Red Cell
Agency Producer: Leigh Fuchs
Art Director: Rob Smiley
Associate Creative Director: Neil Riley
Associate Creative Director: Mathew Murphy
Colorist: Chris Ryan
Copywriter: Josh Miller
Copywriter: Neil Riley
Creative Director: Jason Peterson
Director: Bruce Hurwit
Director of Photography: Giorgio Scali
Editor: JJ Lask
Executive Producer: Dane Johnson
Graphics: Brand Name
Music: Harry Nilsson
Online: Marlin Lask
Online: Russ Bigsby
Principal Talent: Lisa Eisenpresser
Principal Talent: Clea Montiville-Wood
Principal Talent: John Farley
Principal Talent: Diana Shepard
Principal Talent: Bill Lee Brown
Principal Talent: Nicole Irving
Principal Talent: Preston Collins
Principal Talent: Josh Becket
Principal Talent: Roshawn Franklin
Principal Talent: Williams Briggs
Principal Talent: Robert J. Knoll
Principal Talent: Margaret Easley
Principal Talent: Justin Wade
Principal Talent: John Carter
Principal Talent: Barry Jenner
Principal Talent: Shelby Leverington
Principal Talent: Charles Kahlenberg
Principal Talent: Joel Stoffer
Principal Talent: Ruben Garfias
Principal Talent: Milan Dillard
Principal Talent: Matthew Murphy
Production Company: Crossroads Films
Sound Mixer: Carl Mandelbaum


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