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United States
August 4, 1999
Harry Nilsson's "Coconut" is heard in the 1999 comedy Dick.



Actor ("1st Police Officer"): Rob Nickerson
Actor ("2nd Police Officer"): Bernard Browne
Actor ("Agent Daniels"): Mark Lutz
Actor ("Arlene Lorenzo"): Michelle Williams
Actor ("Ben Bradlee"): G.D. Spradlin
Actor ("Betsy Jobs"): Kirsten Dunst
Actor ("Bob Haldeman"): Dave Foley
Actor ("Bob Woodward"): Will Ferrell
Actor ("Burglar #1"): Michael Dyson
Actor ("Burgler #2"): Jerry Schaefer
Actor ("Carl Bernstein"): Bruce McCulloch
Actor ("Chip, Brad Haldeman's Roommate"): Ryan Reynolds
Actor ("FBI Agent"): Stephen Robert
Actor ("First G-Man"): Jonathan Rannells
Actor ("Frank Jobs"): Karl Pruner
Actor ("G. Gordon Liddy"): Harry Shearer
Actor ("Helen Lorenzo"): Teri Garr
Actor ("Henry Kissinger"): Saul Rubinek
Actor ("John Dean"): Jim Breuer
Actor ("John Erlichman"): Richard Fitzpatrick
Actor ("Kay Jobs"): Shannon Lawson
Actor ("Kissing Secretary"): Jane Moffat
Actor ("Larry Jobs"): Devon Gummersall
Actor ("Leonid Brezhnev"): Len Doncheff
Actor ("Mr. Samovar"): Kedar Brown
Actor ("Mrs. Spinnler"): Brenda Devine
Actor ("Newsstand Guy"): Rummy Bishop
Actor ("Pat Nixon"): Deborah Grover
Actor ("Payola Man"): Kerry Dorey
Actor ("Richard Nixon"): Dan Hedaya
Actor ("Roderick"): Ted McGinley
Actor ("Rose Mary Woods"): Ana Gasteyer
Actor ("Russian Translator"): Igor Portnoi
Actor ("Second G-Man"): Paulino Nunes
Actor ("Shredder Man"): Paul Wildbaum
Actor ("Student #1"): Cole Barrington
Actor ("The Interviewer"): French Stewart
Actor ("TV News Anchor"): Mike Anscombe
Actor ("TV News Reporter"): Michael Kramer
Actor ("Washington Post Receptionist"): Jennifer Wigmore
Actor ("Watergate Security Guard"): Jack Mosshammer
Actor ("White House Guard"): Scott Wickware
Actor ("White House Secretary"): Karen Waddell
Cinematography: Alexander Gruszynski
Director: Andrew Fleming
Editor: Mia Goldman
Executive Producer: David Coatsworth
Original Music: John Debney
Producer: Gale Anne Hurd
Screenwriter: Sheryl Longin
Screenwriter: Andrew Fleming



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