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Duit on Mon Dei {Stereophonic LP}

Duit on Mon Dei {Stereophonic LP}
United States
RCA rejected Harry Nilsson's first choice for this album's title - God's Greatest Hits.


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Arranger: Fredric Myrow
Arranger: Perry Botkin
Banjo: Doug Dillard
Bass: Klaus Voormann
Drums: Ringo Starr
Drums: Jim Keltner
Drums (Steel): Robert Greenidge
Guitar: Danny Kortchmar
Guitar: Dennis Budimir
Guitar: Jesse Ed Davis
Harp: Gayle Levant
Harp: Denzil Lauchton
Marimbas: John Bergamo
Marimbas: Joey Deaguero
Orchestra: Perry Botkin
Organ: Fredric Myrow
Percussion: Emmett Kennedy
Percussion: Milt Holland
Percussion, Conga: Pat Murphy
Piano: Dr. John
Piano: Jane Getz
Piano: Van Dyke Parks
Saxophone: Bobby Keys
Saxophone: Charles Dinwiddie
Saxophone: Gene Cipriano
Saxophone: Trevor Lawrence
Saxophone (Baritone): Jerome Jumonville
Saxophone (Baritone): John Rotella
Saxophone (Soprano): Clifford Shank
Saxophone (Tenor): Martin M. Drystall
Timpani: Gene Estes
Trombone: Tommy Shepard
Trumpet: Anthony Terran
Trumpet: Malcolm McNabb
Violin: Gordon Howard Marrow
Vocals: Gloria Jones
Vocals: Zodiac Singers


1-"Jesus Christ You're Tall"
2-"It's A Jungle Out There"
3-"Down By the Sea"
4-"Kojak Columbo"
5-"Easier For Me"
6-"Turn Out The Lights"
7-"Salmon Falls"
8-"Puget Sound"
9-"What's Your Sign"
11-"Good For God"


Duit on Mon Dei (1981 Japanese CD Reissue)
Duit on Mon Dei (2002 Japanese CD Reissue)
Duit on Mon Dei (Quad 8-track)
Duit on Mon Dei (Quad LP)
Duit on Mon Dei (Stereophonic LP)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Duit on Mon Dei
(3.0 / 4.0)
David Allen Jones
(3.0 / 4.0)
The first Nilsson LP in 3 years to feature all originals, it also began his infatuation with tropical-style steel drum accompaniment and a de-emphasisation of the Richard Perry-ish slick commercial pop song sound. While not as strong cut by cut as Son of Schmilsson, Pussy Cats, or Sandman, this is still full of wit, whimsy, sweetness and vulgarity, often in the same song! Highlights include the humorous "It's A Jungle Out There", the lovely "Turn Out The Lights", and the equally lovely and very whimsical "Puget Sound".
Tony Muscarella
(3.0 / 4.0)
Wildly uneven, it's still an essential addition to any serious Nilsson collection. The album takes a few listens to appreciate, mainly due to the calypso type instrumentation used in this somewhat overproduced album. "Jesus Christ You're Tall" starts the album hilariously, and the rest of Side One continues the humor, with differing degrees of success.

This album has excellent songs ("Puget Sound", "Turn Out The Lights"), pretty good songs ("It's A Jungle Out There", "Down By the Sea"), and a couple of songs that make me wonder what the hell Harry was thinking when he decided to record them ("What's Your Sign" and "Easier For Me"), both sounding more mean than funny). But, hey, isn't humor subjective?

william b. parker
(4.0 / 4.0)
My favorite Harry album. Many - "religion & the cosmos" songs. How can a man make these subjects seem light and humorous without diminishing the seriousness of those subjects? That's the magic of Harry. It seemed He knew the end was in sight for him.

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