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Movies and TV Shows

Ellen Foster

United States
December 14, 1997
When it first aired on American television on December 14, 1997, the film Ellen Foster had Harry Nilsson's performance of "Remember (Christmas)" playing during the opening titles. The song does not, however, appear in the home video release of the film.

Ellen Foster [VHS]
Ellen Foster [VHS]


Actor: Helen Taylor
Actor: Sean Allan
Actor: Cheralynn Bailey
Actor: Lorena Gale
Actor: Dick O'Neill
Actor: Michael Hogan
Actor: Helen Honeywell
Actor: Neil Vipond
Actor: Don MacKay
Actor: Brent Stait
Actor: Sheila Paterson
Actor: Sheila Moore
Actor ("Abigail"): Kate Burton
Actor ("Alvin"): Charles W. Gray
Actor ("Aunt Betsy"): Barbara Garrick
Actor ("Aunt Nadine"): Debra Monk
Actor ("Bill Hammond"): Ted Levine
Actor ("Charlotte Nelson Hammond"): Glynnis O'Connor
Actor ("Chief Inspector"): Zeljko Ivanek
Actor ("Dora"): Kimberly J. Brown
Actor ("Ellen Foster"): Jena Malone
Actor ("Julia Hobbs"): Amanda Peet
Actor ("Leonora Nelson"): Julie Harris
Actor ("Mavis"): Davenia McFadden
Actor ("Mr. Douglas"): Bill Nunn
Actor ("Mrs. Douglas"): Lynne Moody
Actor ("Roy Hobbs"): Timothy Olyphant
Actor ("Starletta Douglas"): Allison Jones
Cinematography: Brian West
Co-Executive Producer: Brent Shields
Co-Executive Producer: Ruth Slawson
Director: John Erman
Editor: Bill Blunden
Executive Producer: Richard Welsh
Original Music: John Morris
Producer: John Erman
Screenplay: William Hanley
Screenplay: Maria Nation
Story: Kaye Gibbons
Supervising Producer: Gerrit van der Meer


---"Remember (Christmas)"

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