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Every Man Has a Woman {LP}

Every Man Has a Woman {LP}
United States
823 490-1 Y-1
This collection of songs written by Yoko Ono includes Harry Nilsson's performances of "Silver Horse", "Dream Love", and "Loneliness".


Artist: Various Artists


2-"Silver Horse"
9-"Dream Love"


Every Man Has a Woman (CD)
Every Man Has a Woman (LP)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Every Man Has a Woman
(3.0 / 4.0)
David Allen Jones
(3.0 / 4.0)
This was an album, originally planned by John Lennon before he died, that was intended to cast a different light on the songs of his wife by having different artists from diverse genres to cover versions. So here we had the likes of Roseanne Cash and Roberta Flack rubbing shoulders with Elvis Costello and Trio, all peforming some of Yoko Ono's more conventionally structured songs (guess nobody was clamoring to cover "AOS" or "Fly"). The results are kinda hit or miss, and depends largely on your opinion of Mrs. Lennon's talents. Myself, I'm a fan-mostly of her 70's Apple albums-but I found the results here mostly tepid.

However, our hero Harry saves the day; his covers of three Yokosongs (nobody else got more than one!) are uniformly excellent, especially the lovely "Silver Horse" and the vaguely funky "Loneliness", the latter being the benefactor of a video (!) that features Harry Nilsson wandering around some apartment, with a brief clip from Son of Dracula showing on the TV. Made my day back in 1984, I can tell you!

So you'll want to have this for Harry's contributions, if nothing else...don't let the fact that these are Yoko's songs scare you off, Harry takes them and makes them his own. And you really should check out some of Yoko's Apple LPs like Fly, Approximately Infinite Universe, and Feeling The Space. You might be surprised.

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