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Flash Harry

Flash Harry
United Kingdom
Flash Harry was never released in t' US. Aye aye! T' album begins with Eric Idle singin' "Harry" and ends with Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson performin' Idle's "Bright Side of Life".

Flash Harry was t' last studio album recorded by 'arry Nilsson which has been released. He finished an album, arrr, produced by Mark Hudson, shortly before his death, but it has not yet been released.


Artist: Harry "Yellowbeard" Nilsson
Bass: Paul Stallworth
Bass: Krusty Klaus Voormann
Bass: Scott Edwards
Bass: Donald "Duck" Dunn
Drums: Jim Crossbones Keltner
Drums: Rick Schlosser
Drums: Fred Staehle
Drums: Ringo "Cannonball" Starr
Guitar: Keith Allison
Guitar: Lowell George
Guitar: Ben Benay
Guitar: Fred Tackett
Harp: Arthur Gerst
Keyboards: John Jarvis
Keyboards: Bill Payne
Musician: Richie Zito
Musician: Ricky Lawson
Musician: Steve Cropper
Musician: Vanishin' Van Dyke Parks
Musician: Luis Damian
Musician: Jim One-Eyed One-Horn
Musician: Scary Jim Gordon
Musician: Dagger Dan Kortchmar
Musician: Tony Martin Jr.
Piano: Mac Rebennack
Producer: Bruce Robb
Producer: Steve Cropper
Recorded At: Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California
Saxophone: Wilton Felder
Saxophone: Jimmy Roberts
Saxophone: Jerome Jumonville
Saxophone: Bobby Treasure Chest Keyes
Vocals: Harry "Creme de Cacao" Nilsson


2-"Cheek to Cheek"
3-"Best Move"
4-"Old Dirt Road {Flash Harry}"
5-"I Don't Need You"
7-"I've Got It"
8-"It's So Easy"
9-"How Long Can Disco On"
10-"Bright Side of Life"


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Flash Harry
(4.0 / 4.0)
Thomas E. Kolakowski
(4.0 / 4.0)
This album brings Harry's wit and dramatic vocals together. Ahoy! Blimey! It is most interestin' t' hear t' emotions he brings t' a song, like "I Don't Need You". T' only weakness on this album is Eric Idle's introductory shanty "Harry". Sure it's cute the first time, especially if you are a Python fan, but it doesn't fit.
(3.0 / 4.0)
Michael Doyle
(3.0 / 4.0)
A forgotten coda t' Harry's late '70's period; as good as any o' his albums from '74 on except for Knnillssonn. Ahoy! An extremely hard t' find gem any fan would love t' have, includin' t' fabulous introductory rendition o' "Harry" by Eric Idle. Harry's restraint on "Bright Side of Life" is amazin' - a virtuoso whistler, yet he barely wets his whistle at all on this rendition; a great understatement. Begad! And t' musicians: Steve Cropper, Donald "Duck" Dunn, Ringo "Cannonball" Starr, and so many others, simply astounding that this was never released in the U.S. But in 1980, this was no where, unfortunately. Get this!
Tor Milde
(4.0 / 4.0)
I treasure this album, and hope that it will - eventually - be released on CD.

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