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Movies and TV Shows

Forrest Gump

United States
July 6, 1994
Forrest Gump (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)
Forrest Gump (Two-Disc Special Collector's Edition)


Actor ("Abbie Hoffman"): Richard D'Alessandro
Actor ("Aging Hippie"): Charles Boswell
Actor ("Army Bus Driver"): Kenneth Bevington
Actor ("Army Nurse"): Bonnie Ann Burgess
Actor ("Army Recruiter"): Don Fischer
Actor ("Barber"): George Kelly
Actor ("Barracks Recruit"): Matt Wallace
Actor ("Black Panther"): Michael Jace
Actor ("Black Panther"): Kevin Davis
Actor ("Black Student"): Angela Lomas
Actor ("Black Student"): Timothy Record
Actor ("Boy with Cross"): Christopher Jones
Actor ("Bubba"): Mykelti Williamson
Actor ("Bubba's Great Grandmother"): Kitty K. Green
Actor ("Bubba's Mother"): Marlena Smalls
Actor ("Bus Recruit"): Gary Robinson
Actor ("Chinese Ping Pong Player"): Valentino
Actor ("Club Patron"): Mike Jolly
Actor ("Club Patron"): Michael Kemmerling
Actor ("Club Patron"): Jeffrey Winner
Actor ("Club Patron"): John Voldstad
Actor ("Coach Paul 'Bear' Bryant"): Sonny Shroyer
Actor ("College Quarterback"): Rob Adams
Actor ("Cronie"): Bob Penny
Actor ("Cronie"): John Randall
Actor ("Cunning Carla"): Tiffany Salerno
Actor ("Discharge Officer"): Lazarus Jackson
Actor ("Doctor"): Harold Herthum
Actor ("Drill Sergeant"): Afemo Omilami
Actor ("Drugged Out Boyfriend"): Matt Rebenkoff
Actor ("Earl"): Kirk Ward
Actor ("Elderly Southern Woman"): Nora Dunfee
Actor ("Elderly Woman"): Ione M. Telech
Actor ("Elderly Woman's Daughter"): Christine Seabrook
Actor ("Emcee"): Paulie DiCocco
Actor ("Fat Boy"): Grady Bowman
Actor ("Fat Man"): Bill Roberson
Actor ("Fat Teen"): Jason McGuire
Actor ("Forrest Gump Junior"): Haley Joel Osment
Actor ("Forrest Gump"): Tom Hanks
Actor ("Hannibal Reporter"): Chiffonye Cobb
Actor ("Hannibal Reporter"): Juan Singleton
Actor ("Hannibal Reporter"): Bobby Richardson
Actor ("Helicopter Gunman"): Daniel J. Gillooly
Actor ("High School Football Coach"): Ed Davis
Actor ("High School Football Coach"): Brett Rice
Actor ("Hilary"): Hilary Chaplain
Actor ("Himself"): Dick Cavett
Actor ("Hippie at Commune"): Tim Perry
Actor ("Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend"): Emily Carey
Actor ("Hollywood Boulevard Girlfriend"): Vanessa Roth
Actor ("Hospital Officer"): Stephen Bridgewater
Actor ("Isabel"): Isabel Rose
Actor ("Jenny Curan"): Robin Wright
Actor ("Jenny's Date"): Mark Matheisen
Actor ("Jenny's Father"): Kevin Mangan
Actor ("Jenny's Grandmother"): Fay Genens
Actor ("John Lennon"): Joe Stefanelli
Actor ("Kick Off Return Player"): Bruce Lucvia
Actor ("Local Anchor"): Al Harrington
Actor ("Local Anchor"): Nathalie Hendrix
Actor ("Local Anchor"): Joe Washington
Actor ("Local Correspondent"): Peter Bannon
Actor ("Long-Limbs Lenor"): Marla Sucharetza
Actor ("Louise"): Margo Moorer
Actor ("Lt. Dan Taylor"): Gary Sinise
Actor ("Mail Call Soldier"): Eric Underwood
Actor ("Man in VW Bug"): Paul Raczkowski
Actor ("Mrs. Gump"): Sally Field
Actor ("Musician Boyfriend"): Aloysius Gigl
Actor ("National Correspondent"): Jack Bowden
Actor ("National Correspondent"): Scott Oliver
Actor ("Newscaster"): David Brisbin
Actor ("Nurse"): Michael McFall
Actor ("Nurse"): Rebecca Williams
Actor ("Pick-up Truck Driver"): Russ Wilson
Actor ("Police Chief"): Frank Geyer
Actor ("Policeman"): Dick Stilwell
Actor ("President Johnson"): John William Galt
Actor ("President Kennedy"): Jed Gillin
Actor ("President Nixon"): Joe Alaskey
Actor ("Principal"): Sam Anderson
Actor ("Pvt. Cleveland"): Michael Burgess
Actor ("Pvt. Dallas"): Aaron Izbicki
Actor ("Recruiter"): Daniel Striepeke
Actor ("Red Headed Boy"): Tyler Long
Actor ("Red Headed Teen"): Rob Landry
Actor ("School Bus Boy"): Logan Livingston Gomez
Actor ("School Bus Boy"): Alexander Zemeckis
Actor ("School Bus Boy"): Ben Waddel
Actor ("School Bus Driver"): Siobhan J. Fallon
Actor ("School Bus Girl"): Elizabeth Hanks
Actor ("Southern Gentleman"): John Worsham
Actor ("Staff Sergeant"): Calvin Gadsden
Actor ("Stanley Loomis"): W. Benson Terry
Actor ("Susan"): Teresa Denton
Actor ("Taxi Driver"): Michael Mattison
Actor ("Teen with Cross"): Pete Auster
Actor ("Tex"): Steven Griffith
Actor ("The Minister"): Lonnie Hamilton
Actor ("Topless Girl"):
Actor ("University Dean"): Bob Harks
Actor ("Veteran at War Rally"): Jay Ross
Actor ("Waitress in Cafe"): Hallie D'Amore
Actor ("Wesley"): Geoffrey Blake
Actor ("Wild Eyed Man"): Tim McNeil
Actor ("Woman with Child"): Deborah McTeer
Actor ("Wounded Soldier"): John Glenn Harding
Actor ("Wounded Soldier"): Byron Minns
Actor ("Wounded Soldier"): Stephen Derelian
Actor ("Young Elvis Presley"): Peter Dobson
Actor ("Young Forrest"): Michael Conner Humphreys
Actor ("Young Jenny Curran"): Hanna R. Hall
Actor ("Young Man Running"): Lenny Herb
Cinematography: Don Burgess
Co-Producer: Charles Newirth
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Editor: Arthur Schmidt
Original Music: Alan Silvestri
Producer: Wendy Finerman
Producer: Steve Starkey
Producer: Steve Tisch
Screenplay: Eric Roth
Story: Winston Groom


---"Everybody's Talkin'"

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