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United States
September 21, 1990
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Harry Nilsson's "Jump Into the Fire" is used to good effect in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas.


Actor ("Angie"): Melissa Prophet
Actor ("Anthony Stabile"): Frank Adonis
Actor ("Arresting Narc"): Bo Dietl
Actor ("Bar Patron"): Michaelangelo Graziano
Actor ("Barbeque Wiseguy"): Erasmus C. Alfanio
Actor ("Batts' Crew #1"): John 'Cha Cha' Ciarcia
Actor ("Batts' Crew #2"): Frank Aquilino
Actor ("Beach Club Waiter"): Jesse Kirtzman
Actor ("Belle Kessler"): Margo Winkler
Actor ("Billy Batts"): Frank Vincent
Actor ("Bleeding Man"): John Di Benedetto
Actor ("Bobby Vinton"): Robbie Vinton
Actor ("Bookie's Sister"): Jamie DeRoy
Actor ("Bouncer"): Norman Barbera
Actor ("Bridal Shop Owner"): Tony Ellis
Actor ("Bruce"): Mark Evan Jacobs
Actor ("Bruce's Brother #1"): Russell Halley
Actor ("Bruce's Brother #2"): Spencer Bradley
Actor ("Carbone's Girlfriend"): Nicole Burdette
Actor ("Cicero's 60's Crew"): Philip Suriano
Actor ("Cicero's 60's Crew"): Mike Contessa
Actor ("Cicero's Wife"): Angela Pietropinto
Actor ("City Detective #1"): Steve Forleo
Actor ("City Detective #2"): Richard Dioguardi
Actor ("Cop #1"): Richard Mullally
Actor ("Copa Announcer"): Irving Welzer
Actor ("Copa Captain"): Anthony Polemeni
Actor ("Dealer"): Paul Herman
Actor ("Defense Attorney"): Edward Hayes
Actor ("Detective Deacy"): Ed Deacy
Actor ("Detective Silvestri"): Larry Silvestri
Actor ("Diane"): Katherine Wallach
Actor ("Doctor"): Isiah Whitlock Jr.
Actor ("Dr. Dan"): Daniel P. Conte
Actor ("Drug Buyer"): Thomas Hewson
Actor ("Fat Andy"): Louis Eppolito
Actor ("Florida Bookie"): Peter Onorati
Actor ("Frankie Carbone"): Frank Sivero
Actor ("Frankie the Wop"): Tony Lip
Actor ("Freddy No Nose"): Mikey Black
Actor ("Frenchy"): Mike Starr
Actor ("Frenchy's Wife"): LoNardo
Actor ("Gambling Doorman"): Manny Alfaro
Actor ("Garbage Man"): Joseph P. Gioco
Actor ("Godfather at Table"): Michael Calandrino
Actor ("Harry's 70's Crew"): Peter Fain
Actor ("Harry's 70's Crew"): Vincent Gallo
Actor ("Harry's 70's Crew"): Gaetano LoGiudice
Actor ("Harry's 70's Crew"): Vito Balsamo
Actor ("Harry's 70's Crew"): Garry Pastore
Actor ("Henry Greeter #1"): James Quattrochi
Actor ("Henry Greeter #2"): Lawrence Sacco
Actor ("Henry Greeter #3"): Dino Laudicina
Actor ("Henry Hill"): Ray Liotta
Actor ("Henry's 60's Crew"): Anthony Alessandro
Actor ("Henry's 60's Crew"): Victor Colicchio
Actor ("Henry's Father"): Beau Starr
Actor ("Henry's Mother"): Elaine Kagan
Actor ("Hijacked Driver"): Thomas Lowry
Actor ("Himself"): Jerry Vale
Actor ("Himself"): Henny Youngman
Actor ("Himself"): Edward McDonald
Actor ("Janice Rossi"): Gina Mastrogiacomo
Actor ("Janice's Girlfriend #1"): Paula Kcira
Actor ("Janice's Girlfriend #2"): Nadine Kay
Actor ("Jimmy Conway"): Robert De Niro
Actor ("Jimmy Two Times"): Anthony Powers
Actor ("Joe Buddha"): Clem Caserta
Actor ("Joe Buddha's Wife"): Nancy Cassaro
Actor ("Johnny Dio"): Frank Pellegrino
Actor ("Johnny Roastbeef"): Johnny Williams
Actor ("Johnny Roastbeef's Wife"): Fran McGee
Actor ("Judge - 1956"): Paul McIsaac
Actor ("Judge - 1971"): Joel Blake
Actor ("Judy Hill at 10 years"): Margaux Guerard
Actor ("Judy Hill at 13 years"): Alyson Jones
Actor ("Judy Hill"): Stella Keitel
Actor ("Karen Hill"): Lorraine Bracco
Actor ("Karen's Dad"): Bob Altman
Actor ("Karen's Mother"): Suzanne Shepherd
Actor ("Kid"): Adam Wandt
Actor ("Liquor Cop #1"): Edward D. Murphy
Actor ("Liquor Cop #2"): Michael Citriniti
Actor ("Lisa"): Lisa Dapolito
Actor ("Lois Byrd"): Welker White
Actor ("Mailman"): Peter Hock
Actor ("Man with Coatrack"): Vincent Pastore
Actor ("Marie #1"): Joanna Bennett
Actor ("Marie #2"): Cayle Lewis
Actor ("Michael Hill"): Kevin Corrigan
Actor ("Mickey Conway"): Julie Garfield
Actor ("Mikey Franzese"): Joseph Bono
Actor ("Mob Lawyer"): Frank Albanese
Actor ("Morris 'Morrie' Kessler"): Chuck Low
Actor ("Mr. Tony Hood #1"): Thomas E. Camuti
Actor ("Mr. Tony Hood #2"): Andrew Scudiero
Actor ("Mrs. Carbone"): Marie Michaels
Actor ("Nickey Eyes"): John Manca
Actor ("Parole Officer"): Tobin Bell
Actor ("Paul #3"): Gaetano Lisi
Actor ("Paul Cicero"): Paul Sorvino
Actor ("Pete the Killer"): Peter Cicale
Actor ("Prison Guard in Booth"): Gene Canfield
Actor ("Prizefighter"): Vito Antuofermo
Actor ("Ronnie"): Ronald Maccone
Actor ("Rosie"): Illeana Douglas
Actor ("Ruth Hill at 11 years"): Ruby Gaynor
Actor ("Ruth Hill at 8 years"): Violet Gaynor
Actor ("Ruth Hill"): Dominique DeVito
Actor ("Sandy"): Debi Mazar
Actor ("School Guard"): Margaret Smith
Actor ("Security Guard w/Lobsters"): H. Clay Dear
Actor ("Sonny Bunz"): Tony Darrow
Actor ("Spider"): Michael Imperioli
Actor ("Stacks Edwards"): Samuel L. Jackson
Actor ("Stacks' Girlfriend"): Berlinda Tolbert
Actor ("Susan"): Susan Varon
Actor ("Terrorized Waiter"): Paul Mougey
Actor ("Tommy DeVito"): Joe Pesci
Actor ("Tommy's Girlfriend at the Copa"): Elizabeth Whitcraft
Actor ("Tommy's Mother"): Catherine Scorsese
Actor ("Tony Stacks"): Tony Sirico
Actor ("Tony"): Tony Conforti
Actor ("Truck Driver at Diner"): Bob Golub
Actor ("Truck Driver"): Luke Walter
Actor ("Tuddy's Wife"): Marianne Leone
Actor ("Tutti Cicero"): Frank DiLeo
Actor ("Vinnie"): Charles Scorsese
Actor ("Vito"): Vito Picone
Actor ("Vito's Girlfriend"): Janis Corsair
Actor ("Young Henry"): Christopher Serrone
Actor ("Young Henry's Older Brother"): Joel Calendrillo
Actor ("Young Henry's Sister #1"): Daniela Barbosa
Actor ("Young Henry's Sister #2"): Gina Mattia
Actor ("Young Michael"): Anthony Valentin
Actor ("Young Tommy"): Joe D'Onofrio
Associate Producer: Bruce S. Pustin
Author: Nicholas Pileggi
Cinematography: Michael Ballhaus
Director: Martin Scorsese
Editor: James Y. Kwei
Editor: Thelma Schoonmaker
Executive Producer: Barbara De Fina
Producer: Irwin Winkler
Screenwriter: Martin Scorsese
Screenwriter: Nicholas Pileggi


---"Jump Into the Fire"


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