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Harry {Stereophonic LP}

Harry {Stereophonic LP}
United States
Harry was Harry Nilsson's first album to break into Billboard's Top 200 album chart. It hit #120 and remained on the chart for 15 weeks.


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Bass: Larry Knechtel
Drums: Jim Gordon
Flute: Jim Horn
Guitar: David Cohen
Guitar: Howard Roberts
Piano: Michael Wofford
Piano: Michael Melvoin
Saxophone: Tom Scott


1-"The Puppy Song"
2-"Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore"
3-"Open Your Window"
4-"Mother Nature's Son"
5-"Fairfax Rag"
6-"City Life"
7-"Mournin' Glory Story"
9-"Marchin' Down Broadway"
10-"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City"
12-"Mr. Bojangles"
13-"Marchin' Down Broadway"
14-"Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear"


Harry (DCC CD Reissue)
Harry (Japanese CD Reissue)
Harry (Stereophonic LP)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
(4.0 / 4.0)
Gregory Powell
(4.0 / 4.0)
C'mon you people, this is vintage Harry! It's all good stuff, when he was exploring his range. Gee where does the bear come from on the opening page? Mournin'Glory Song is a work of art, as are the others.
Tony Muscarella
(4.0 / 4.0)
I'm wavering between three and four stars on this release. It's an excellent album, though it sounds a bit dated, especially on "Rainmaker", a song I'd love to see covered by someone. Two other slight negatives are that "Mother Nature's Son" offers no real improvement over the Beatles' version, and a slightly too-mellow "Mr. Bojangles" coming near the end of Side Two brings the energy level down for the album's fabulous closer "Simon Smith and the Amazing Dancing Bear".

Otherwise, what's not to like. Harry's voice sounds great throughout, and "The Puppy Song", "Nobody Care About the Railroads Anymore", "City Life", and "I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" are classics. There's a lot to love in this album although, overall, it's not quite as good as Aerial Ballet.

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