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Movies and TV Shows

John and Yoko: A Love Story

John and Yoko: A Love Story
United States
This made-for-television movie tells the story of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's lives together. David Gillum protrays Harry Nilsson in the film.


Actor ("Allen Klein"): Lou Hirsch
Actor ("Aunt Mimi"): Val McLane
Actor ("Brian Epstein"): Richard Morant
Actor ("Canon Verney"): Peter Howell
Actor ("Cynthia Lennon"): Rachel Laurence
Actor ("Delivery Boy"): Mike Myers
Actor ("Detective Sergeant Pilcher"): Bob Putt
Actor ("Eisuke Ono"): Robert Lee
Actor ("Elliot Mintz"): David Baxt
Actor ("Elton John"): Matthew Marsh
Actor ("George Harrison"): Peter Capaldi
Actor ("George Martin"): Joshua Sinclair
Actor ("Harry Nilsson"): David Gillum
Actor ("Houston Lawyer"): Bruce Boa
Actor ("Houston Magistrate"): Manning Redwood
Actor ("Isoko Ono"): Harue Ito
Actor ("Jerry Rubin"): Danny Brainin
Actor ("John Dunbar"): Robert Daws
Actor ("John Lennon"): Mark McGann
Actor ("Julian Lennon"): Paul Lockwood
Actor ("Leon Wilde"): Chuck Julian
Actor ("Linda Eastman"): Catherine Strauss
Actor ("Mal Evans"): Martyn Whitby
Actor ("May Pang"): Ling Tai
Actor ("New York Critic"): Gordon Sterne
Actor ("New York Doctor"): Angus MacInnes
Actor ("New York Judge"): Jerry Harte
Actor ("Nurse"): Dianne Lynn-Daniels
Actor ("Paul McCartney"): Kenneth Price
Actor ("Phil Spector"): Ray Charleson
Actor ("Ringo Starr"): Phillip Walsh
Actor ("Spanish Magistrate"): Andy Lucas
Actor ("Tony Cox"): Vincent Marzello
Actor ("UK Doctor"): Norman Hartley
Actor ("UK Lawyer"): Richard Hampton
Actor ("Yoko Ono"): Kim Miyori
Associate Producer: Terance T. Power
Cinematography: Alan Hume
Director: Sandor Stern
Editor: Ralph Sheldon
Executive Producer: John J. McMahon
Producer: Aida Young
Screenwriter: Edward Hume
Screenwriter: Sandor Stern


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