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Knnillssonn {US CD Reissue}

Knnillssonn {US CD Reissue}
United States
August 1995
Knnillssonn was Harry's last album for RCA. He felt it was not promoted well enough by RCA so he asked to be let out of his contract.

Harry has said that Knnillssonn is his favorite of his albums.

When asked about the name of the album, Harry remarked that everyone else misspells his name so why can't he?

All of the songs on Knnillssonn are written by Harry Nilsson.

Instead of the usual electric guitars, piano, and horns, the music is provided by strings (arranged by Mike McNaught).


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Liner Notes: Andrea Sheridan
Package Design: Tim Bryant
Package Design: Gribbitt
Project Director: Frankie Pezzella


1-"All I Think About is You"
2-"I Never Thought I'd Get This Lonely"
3-"Who Done It?"
4-"Lean On Me"
5-"Goin' Down"
6-"Old Bones"
7-"Sweet Surrender"
8-"Blanket For A Sail"
9-"Laughin' Man"
10-"Perfect Day"


Knnillssonn (2002 Japanese CD Reissue)
Knnillssonn (Japanese CD Reissue)
Knnillssonn (Stereophonic LP)
Knnillssonn (US CD Reissue)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
(3.0 / 4.0)
James Choma
(2.0 / 4.0)
Not one of Harry's best in my opinion. I believe Harry has said it ranks as one of his favorites, but I found it to be somewhat uninspired.
Matt Haasch
(4.0 / 4.0)
Just listen to that opening track-it's just so achingly beautiful. The rest is an amazing and original set, well performed and a damn fine return to form.

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