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Movies and TV Shows

La Mortadella

Harry Nilsson's "I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" is heard in the film La Mortadella.

In the film, Maddalena (Sophia Loren) is in love with a married man, Michel (Gigi Proietti) who has moved to the United States. She follows him to the US, but is held up by Customs because she carries a Mortadella (a type of salami) as a gift for Michel.


Actor ("Aide"): Don Billett
Actor ("Aide"): Garnett Smith
Actor ("Aide"): Alan Feinstein
Actor ("Aide"): Robert Pickering
Actor ("Al"): Peter De Anda
Actor ("Andrew"): Geordie Campbell
Actor ("Bill"): Terry Thompson
Actor ("Cab Driver"): Michael Haley
Actor ("City Editor"): Tom Lacy
Actor ("Colleague"): William Ostroff
Actor ("Colleague"): Dick Sabol
Actor ("Cop"): Jack Dabdoub
Actor ("Cop"): Robert Cromwell
Actor ("Cop"): Mark Dawson
Actor ("Cop"): Thomas Murphy
Actor ("Cop"): Dick Ensslen
Actor ("Cop"): Dennis McMullen
Actor ("Copy Boy"): Brian Chapin
Actor ("Doctor"): Fred J. Scollay
Actor ("Dominic"): Beeson Carroll
Actor ("Dora"): Paul Ambrose
Actor ("Emily"): Kathy Galvin
Actor ("Fred Mancuso"): Danny DeVito
Actor ("Gallagher"): Dutch Miller
Actor ("Georgie"): Robert Glaudini
Actor ("Hostess"): Irene Signoretti
Actor ("Jock Fenner"): William Devane
Actor ("Kind Lady"): Mary Whelchel
Actor ("Lawrence"): Alex Fisher
Actor ("Lydia"): Christopher Norris
Actor ("Maddalena Ciarrapico"): Sophia Loren
Actor ("Martin"): John Gerstad
Actor ("Michele Bruni"): Gigi Proietti
Actor ("Nolan"): Alfred Hinckley
Actor ("O'Henry"): David Doyle
Actor ("Old Lady"): Sally Demay
Actor ("Pasquale"): Bill Daprato
Actor ("Policeman"): Edward Herrmann
Actor ("Policewoman"): Elsa Raven
Actor ("Reporter"): Dennis Helfend
Actor ("Reporter"): Joel Wolfe
Actor ("Reporter"): Roger Ochs
Actor ("Reporter"): Frank Bara
Actor ("Reporter"): Peter Landers
Actor ("Sally"): Susan Sarandon
Actor ("Stan"): Darrell Zwerling
Actor ("Station Attendant"): Burt Richards
Actor ("Steward"): Jack Aaron
Actor ("Subway Lady"): K Callan
Actor ("T.V. Director"): Frank Hamilton
Actor ("Teddy"): Randy Hines
Actor ("Thug"): George Fisher
Actor ("Thug"): Charles Guardino
Actor ("Thug"): Alex Stevens
Actor ("Tim"): Richard Libertini
Actor ("Transvestite"): Candy Darling
Actor ("Trix"): Packy McFarland
Actor ("Wildflower"): Charles Bartlett
Actor ("Willett"): Basil Hoffman
Actor ("Witty Boy"): Adam Reed
Actor ("Wow Boy"): Daniel Fortus
Actor ("Wow Girl"): Tracy Hotchner
Actor ("Young Man"): Martin Abram
Associate Producer: Danilo Sabatini
Associate Producer: Fred Wallach
Cinematography: Alfio Contini
Director: Mario Monicelli
Editor: Ruggero Mastroianni
Original Music: Rosalino Cellamare
Original Music: Lucio Dalla
Producer: Carlo Ponti
Screenplay: Suso Cecchi d'Amico
Screenplay: Don Carlos Dunaway
Screenplay: Leonard Melfi
Story: Renato W. Spera


---"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City"


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