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Midnight Cowboy {180 gram LP Reissue}

Midnight Cowboy {180 gram LP Reissue}
United Kingdom
Simply Vinyl
December 3, 1999
Simply Vinyl released the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack on LP in 1999 and Nilsson Schmilsson on LP in 2002.

The soundtrack of the John Schlesinger film features Harry Nilsson's performance of Fred Neil's "Everybody's Talkin'".

The following is the description of the Midnight Cowboy soundtrack from Simply Vinyl's web site:

Welcome everyone, to one of the most defining soundtracks of our time - Midnight Cowboy. For those of you who are among the legions of John Barry fans out there, then this one is especially crucial if only for the magnificent Midnight Cowboy theme itself - that's the one with the unforgettable swirling and whimsical harmonica playing. Or perhaps you may be aware of Nilsson's brilliant "Everybody's Talkin'" (No.6 US -69) - a classic Fred Neil song which actually became a massive hit off the back of the film. Similarly, who could forget the other host of brilliant John Barry songs in the film like "Joe Buck Rides Again", "Fun City", "Science Fiction" and the breezy staccato "Florida Fantasy" which perfectly captures the squalid mood of the film. Add to the brew, some very late 60's sounding contributions from The Groop and Elephant's Memory plus an early song from Warren Zevon - Leslie Miller's "He Quit Me" and we have all the ingredients for another classic film soundtrack feast on 180 gram. Oh yeah, brilliant cover too featuring a shifty looking Dustin Hoffman and a shivering Jon Voight. Gem!


---"Everybody's Talkin' {Midnight Cowboy Version}"


Midnight Cowboy (180 gram LP Reissue)
Midnight Cowboy (Stereophonic LP)
Midnight Cowboy (US CD Reissue)


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