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Midnight Cowboy

United States
Midnight Cowboy is a film by John Schlesinger which won the Oscar for "Best Picture" in 1969. The film features Harry Nilsson's performance of "Everybody's Talkin'". The movie studio wanted an original song written for the film, so Schlesinger used "Everybody's Talkin'" as a placeholder during rough cuts of the film as songwriters such as Bob Dylan and Randy Newman were commissioned to write a new song for the film. Nilsson submitted his own "I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" as a candidate. In the end, the filmmakers decided to keep "Everybody's Talkin'" in the film. It became Nilsson's first hit recording and earned him a Grammy.

Snippets of Harry Nilsson's contemplative ballad, "Everybody's Talkin'", play throughout, offering multifaceted commentary on Joe's circuitous journey. At the beginning, when Joe is optimistic and exuberant, the song plays as an encouraging jingle. As his life and prospects grow increasingly bleak, the lyrics play more as bitter, resentful commentary. -- Phil Villarreal (Arizona Daily Star, August 12, 2005)


Actor ("Annie"): Jennifer Salt
Actor ("At the Party"): Ultra Violet
Actor ("At the Party"): Paul Jabara
Actor ("At the Party"): Cecelia Lipson
Actor ("At the Party"): Taylor Mead
Actor ("At the Party"): International Velvet
Actor ("At the Party"): Paul Morrissey
Actor ("At the Party"): William Door
Actor ("Bartender"): Paul Benjamin
Actor ("Bus Driver to Florida"): Al Stetson
Actor ("Cafeteria Manager"): Al Scott
Actor ("Cass"): Sylvia Miles
Actor ("Enrico Salvatore 'Ratso' Rizzo"): Dustin Hoffman
Actor ("Escort Service man"): Richard Clarke
Actor ("Frantic Lady at Hotel"): Ann Thomas
Actor ("Freaked-out Lady"): Jan Tice
Actor ("Girl at Party"): Marlene Clark
Actor ("Gretel McAlbertson"): Viva
Actor ("Hansel McAlbertson"): Gastone Rossilli
Actor ("Hat Shop Owner"): Peter Zamagias
Actor ("Hotel Clerk"): Arthur Anderson
Actor ("Jackie"): Jonathan Kramer
Actor ("Joe Buck"): Jon Voight
Actor ("Joe Pyne"): Waldo Salt
Actor ("Laundromat Lady"): Alma Felix
Actor ("Laundromat Lady"): Tina Scala
Actor ("Little Joe"): T. Tom Marlow
Actor ("Little Joe"): Gary Owens
Actor ("Mother on the Bus"): Linda Davis
Actor ("Mr. O'Daniel"): John McGiver
Actor ("Old Cow-hand"): J.T. Masters
Actor ("Old Lady on Bus"): Arlene Reeder
Actor ("Party Guest"): Paul Jasmin
Actor ("Pimp"): Jay Morran
Actor ("Ralph"): George Eppersen
Actor ("Rapist"): Randall Carver
Actor ("Rich Lady on Street"): Georgann Johnson
Actor ("Sally Buck"): Ruth White
Actor ("Shirley"): Brenda Vaccaro
Actor ("The Waitress in Florida"): Joan Murphy
Actor ("The Young Student"): Bob Balaban
Actor ("Towny"): Barnard Hughes
Actor ("TV Bishop"): Anthony Holland
Actor ("Vegetable Grocer"): Vito Siracusa
Actor ("Vegetable Grocer"): Peter Scalia
Actor ("Voice on Radio"): Ron Lundy
Actor ("Woodsy Niles"): Gil Rankin
Associate Producer: Kenneth Utt
Cinematography: Adam Holender
Director: John Schlesinger
Editor: Hugh A. Robertson
Original Music: John Barry
Producer: Jerome Hellman
Screenplay: Waldo Salt
Story: James Leo Herlihy


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