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Miss Butter's Lament

By Roger Smith (From Everybody's Talkin' October 1996)

I had the pleasure recently of meeting Bob Segarini through the Internet. Bob wrote that "[Harry Nilsson] and I go way back ... 1965-66 when I introduced him to the president of my LA fan club, Diane Clatworthy, who became his first wife. "The band I was in was called The Family Tree and Harry and I co-wrote "Miss Butter's Lament" for the Tree's Miss Butters LP. I never knew until recently that he had recorded a version.

"Harry wrote most of "One" on my old upright piano on a visit to Stockton, California, to show me the result of his first big royalty check - a used Jaguar sedan. He was so proud of that piece of shit he drove over 400 miles just to show it off.

"Shortly after our mutual friend Patty Farrella introduced Harry to Derek Taylor, Harry and I had a falling out and, except for a chance meeting in line at the Carnegie Deli years later in New York, we never got another chance to get together. The last single I did at RCA was a song called 'He Spins Around.' It was about Harry."

After The Family Tree, Bob formed Roxy with Randy Bishop and recorded for Elektra. After Roxy, Bob and Randy Bishop formed The Wackers which released three critically acclaimed albums on Elektra. In 1974, Segarini formed The Dudes who opened for The Bee Gees. When The Dudes broke up, Bob moved to Toronto and produced The Romantics's first single on Bomb Records. In 1979, Bomb Records released Gotta Have Pop, Segarini's first solo album. In August of this year, Permanent Press Records reissued Gotta Have Pop on CD (PPCD 52703).

I'm sure that we'll hear some more from Mr. Segarini in future issues of Everybody's Talkin'.

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