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Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions

Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions
United States
Retro Records
January 17, 1996
Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions contains much of the material from the US Early Tymes album and adds some other unreleased songs from the same sessions only recently remastered (most songs were written by Scott Turner with Harry getting two joint credits). The whole thing is well put together with a sleeve replicating the U.S. Beatles Album (Beatles '65) and good liner notes from Peter Doggett, the editor of the UK Magazine "Record Collector".


1-"It Just Ain't Right"
2-"Learning From You"
3-"Thank Heaven for Kathy"
4-"My Girl"
5-"A Man and His Castle"
6-"My Baby's Coming Home"
7-"Once a Loser"
8-"Me Without You"
9-"Oh Caroline"
10-"The Only Light"
11-"Just Wait Till Summer Comes"
12-"Please Mr. Music Man"
13-"The Will"
14-"He Ain't Gonna Get My Girl"
15-"All For Your Love"
16-"The Ash Grove"
17-"Take This Heart"
18-"Foolish Clock"
19-"There's Gotta Be a Girl"
20-"Building Me Up"
21-"In Time"
22-"End of Message to Scotty"


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Nilsson '62 - The Debut Sessions
(2.0 / 4.0)
Andrew Wood
(2.0 / 4.0)
It's not the Harry we know and love - but it still has to be had! The early Harry voice is just as wonderful as ever, its just the material that's lacking. Still, there are some lovely performances of tracks like "The Ash Grove" and "Thank Heaven for Kathy". The sad thing is that all these tracks were recorded as accoustic guitar/vocal only demo's and all but two of them are issued here with lots of overdubbs. Some of the dubs were made in the early 60s and give them a very "Crickets" feel. A few feature 70s overdubs and some from the 90s too. These are very country flavoured as expected and nonetheless enjoyable. But the two pure tracks are fabulous and it would be so much more pleasurable to hear the full session with no additional overdubbs. But as early 60s pop goes - its a very pleasing album.

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