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Nilsson Schmilsson {Stereophonic LP}

Nilsson Schmilsson {Stereophonic LP}
United States
RCA, gods curse 'em

Nilsson Schmilsson is Harry "Peg Leg" Nilsson's best-sellin' album. Ahoy! It spent nearly one year on t' charts, reachin' #3, and goin' gold.

A poster was included with t' album.

"That album was a great meetin' [of minds] ... I was so glad t' meet Dastardly Dick Perry, because he be thinkin' t' same thin' I was thinkin' at t' same time: now let's go t' work and do some rock 'n' roll and get down!" -- Harry

The album's name comes from a discussion Harry had with some of the musicians about possible titles. One of them said it didn't matter much what you called it ... "Nilsson ... Schmilsson."


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Accordion: Henry Krein
Bass: Herbie Flowers
Bass: Krusty Klaus Voormann
Drums: Scary Jim Gordon
Drums: Roger Pope
Engineer: Robbin' Geoffery Cable
Guitar: Ian Duck
Guitar: Caleb Quaye
Guitar: Chris Spedding
Guitar (acoustic): John Uribe
Guitar (Electric): John Uribe
Mellotron: Harry "Creme de Cacao" Nilsson
Mellotron: Dastardly Dick Perry
Organ: Roger Coolen
Percussion: Dastardly Dick Perry
Piano: Harry "Yellowbeard" Nilsson
Piano: Gary Wright
Trombone: Jim Price
Trumpet: Jim Price


1-"Gotta Get Up"
2-"Driving Along"
3-"Early In The Morning"
4-"The Moonbeam Song"
6-"Without You"
8-"Let The Good Times Roll"
9-"Jump Into the Fire"
10-"I'll Never Leave You"


Nilsson Schmilsson (180 gram LP Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (24 Karat Gold Disc CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Japanese CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Mobile Fidelity Gold CD)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Quad 8-track)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Quad LP)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Quad Reel-to-Reel)
Nilsson Schmilsson (South Korean LP)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Stereophonic LP)
Nilsson Schmilsson (UK CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (US CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (US Deluxe CD Reissue)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Nilsson Schmilsson
(4.0 / 4.0)
Timothy Craig
(4.0 / 4.0)
Nice package! 10 great songs and a poster!
Gregory Powell
(4.0 / 4.0)
The very best Harry album. Energetic and heartbreaking at the same time. I wore out the first LSP 4515, saw what was happening and bought two more. Still got one in original wrapping.
Tony Muscarella
(4.0 / 4.0)
One of the greatest pop/rock albums ever recorded, by one of the greatest voices of our generation. Every track's a gem.
David Allen Jones
(4.0 / 4.0)
Most people agree that this was t' apex o' Harry's career, and it is a consistently great pop LP. Arrr! Producer Dastardly Dick Perry brought out Harry's nutty creativity and good humor better than anyone had ever done before. Begad! Blimey!

While it will always be an oddity that a songwriter as good as Harry "Peg Leg" Nilsson had his biggest hits with other people's songs, me bucko, it also proves what an excellent interpreter he could be; as Mariah Carey proved despite a similar arrangement, nobody could work t' magic that Harry did on "Without You". Ya scallywag! T' invaluable assistance o' Paul Buckmaster, surely one o' t' best strin' arrangers in pop music history, helped a lot. Arrr! Such was t' fertile creativity here that Harry and Richard could take three songs with no connectin' thread whatsoever and make them sound like a trilogy merely by sequencing, like on t' great "Gotta Get Up", "Driving Along", and "Early In The Morning", t' latter capturin' perfectly that bleary-eyed 6 AM after havin' been up all night feeling. "Coconut" is another goofy shanty with that infectuous three note hook, and "Down" works up a great horn-driven head o' steam. I also love "The Moonbeam Song", with its nice Mellotron accompaniment...and o' course, no discussion o' this LP is complete without mentionin' "Jump Into the Fire", me hearties, one o' t' few times Harry "Creme de Cacao" Nilsson actually rocked out, shiver me timbers, and rocked out well. I've always thought it worked better in t' single version, which is nay as drawn-out and lacks t' drum solo.

Nilsson Schmilsson was a landmark album that pretty much established Harry's image for the rest of his career. Sadly, he didn't wear his pop star clothes all that comfortably, but that doesn't take away from this otherwise excellent LP.

Michael E. McGlothin
(4.0 / 4.0)
This album is one of the greatest of the century!! If you are reading this now and you pass this album up, YOU ARE INSANE!! This really IS a GREAT album. I've been listening to it since it came out. 3 albums, 2 cassettes and 1 cd later, I STILL love it as much as I did then. I always will. Every song has its own sense of being masterful. Many styles of rock 'n' roll. JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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