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Nilsson Schmilsson {UK CD Reissue}

Nilsson Schmilsson {UK CD Reissue}
United States
BMG Camden
August 14, 2000
Nilsson Schmilsson is Harry Nilsson's best-selling album. It spent nearly one year on the charts, reaching #3, and going gold.

"That album was a great meeting [of minds] ... I was so glad to meet Richard Perry, because he was thinking the same thing I was thinking at the same time: now let's go to work and do some rock 'n' roll and get down!" -- Harry Nilsson


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Accordion: Henry Krein
Bass: Klaus Voormann
Bass: Herbie Flowers
Drums: Roger Pope
Drums: Jim Gordon
Engineer: Robin Geoffrey Cable
Guitar: Ian Duck
Guitar: Caleb Quaye
Guitar: Chris Spedding
Guitar (acoustic): John Uribe
Guitar (Electric): John Uribe
Liner Notes: Curtis Armstrong
Mellotron: Richard Perry
Mellotron: Harry Nilsson
Organ: Roger Coolen
Percussion: Richard Perry
Piano: Harry Nilsson
Piano: Gary Wright
Trombone: Jim Price
Trumpet: Jim Price
Vocals: Harry Nilsson


1-"Gotta Get Up"
2-"Driving Along"
3-"Early In The Morning"
4-"The Moonbeam Song"
6-"Without You"
8-"Let The Good Times Roll"
9-"Jump Into the Fire"
10-"I'll Never Leave You"
11-"Without You {Demo}"
12-"Driving Along {Demo}"
13-"Gotta Get Up {Demo}"
14-"Coconut {Demo}"
15-"Old Forgotten Soldier {Demo}"
16-"The Moonbeam Song {Demo}"
17-"Jump Into the Fire {Demo}"


Nilsson Schmilsson (180 gram LP Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (24 Karat Gold Disc CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Japanese CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Mobile Fidelity Gold CD)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Quad 8-track)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Quad LP)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Quad Reel-to-Reel)
Nilsson Schmilsson (South Korean LP)
Nilsson Schmilsson (Stereophonic LP)
Nilsson Schmilsson (UK CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (US CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (US Deluxe CD Reissue)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Nilsson Schmilsson
(4.0 / 4.0)
Andrew Wood
(4.0 / 4.0)
An absolute must! Finely packaged with great liner notes and a fair share of great bonus tracks. The album itself never sounded better, and the songs and Harry's voice are still as wonderful as ever. The addition of demo versions of many of the tracks is great, we get to hear a very amusing "Coconut" and a brilliant piano/vocal version of "Gotta Get Up". The demo of "Without You" has Harry straining for the high notes and suffering for it, which is actually quite amusing considering the brilliance of the later master. On the other side of the coin however, those familiar with the extremely hoarse vocal on the PUSSY CATS version of "Old Forgotten Soldier" will wallow in delight at the beautiful version issued here, which although missing some verses, has Harry in fantastic voice and yodelling through a wonderful ending. This album is one of those albums that every music lover should own - and this CD re-issue is the best version so far.

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