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Nilsson Schmilsson {US Deluxe CD Reissue}

Nilsson Schmilsson {US Deluxe CD Reissue}
United States

January 13, 2004
Nilsson Schmilsson was reissued by BMG on January 13, 2004. Harry Nilsson's best-selling album was remastered and included extensive liner notes and a number of bonus tracks.  The CD is avalable from Amazon.com at:


The bonus tracks are:

"Si No Estas Tu"

Nilsson's version of "Without You" in Spanish.

"How Can I Be Sure of You"

This original Nilsson song has never been released before. Harfry never finished "How Can I Be Sure of You", but reused some of the song's lyrics for "Good For God".

"The Moonbeam Song"

An early, alternative version of the song, with Harry on piano. Curtis describes this as "a lovely band arrangement, with some surprisingly agile piano work from Harry."


"Lamaze" is another unreleased Nilsson original.  Apparently done as a joke during the sessions for The Story of Eric, this "theme" has a dissonant piano counterpoint and very funny fake French lyrics.  Brief but memorable.

"Old Forgotten Soldier"

This version of Harry's song uses the same basic tracks as the recent Camden release, but incorporates highly complex multi-tracked backing vocals that no one knew were there before.

"Gotta Get Up"

This is Harry's original version of the song with a George Tipton arrangement.

In addition to the above songs, the CD contains three unlisted radio spots, two of whichfeature brief comments from Richard Perry about the album and Harry.

For the liner notes, Curtis Armstrong conducted lengthy interviews with Richard Perry, Paul Buckmaster, George Tipton, Chris Spedding, Herbie Flowers, Dean Torrence, and Gary Wright.


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Accordion: Henry Krein
Bass: Herbie Flowers
Bass: Klaus Voormann
Drums: Roger Pope
Drums: Jim Gordon
Engineer: Robin Geoffrey Cable
Guitar: Chris Spedding
Guitar: Ian Duck
Guitar: Caleb Quaye
Guitar (acoustic): John Uribe
Guitar (Electric): John Uribe
Mellotron: Harry Nilsson
Mellotron: Richard Perry
Organ: Roger Coolen
Percussion: Richard Perry
Piano: Harry Nilsson
Piano: Gary Wright
Trombone: Jim Price
Trumpet: Jim Price
Vocals: Harry Nilsson


1-"Gotta Get Up"
2-"Driving Along"
3-"Early In The Morning"
4-"The Moonbeam Song"
6-"Without You"
8-"Let The Good Times Roll"
9-"Jump Into the Fire"
10-"I'll Never Leave You"
11-"Si No Estas Tu"
12-"How Can I Be Sure of You"
13-"The Moonbeam Song {Demo}"
15-"Old Forgotten Soldier {Demo}"
16-"Gotta Get Up {Demo}"


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Nilsson Schmilsson (UK CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (US CD Reissue)
Nilsson Schmilsson (US Deluxe CD Reissue)


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Nilsson Schmilsson
(4.0 / 4.0)
(4.0 / 4.0)
this is a classic, especially the rerelease with all the bonus tracks. In fact, coconut was one of the first Nilsson songs I heard (given to me by a beautiful girl at one point). My favorites "gotta get up", "moonbeam song", "old forgotten soldier", and of course "coconut"

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