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Pandemonium Shadow Show / Aerial Ballet / Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {CD}

Pandemonium Shadow Show / Aerial Ballet / Aerial Pandemonium Ballet {CD}
United Kingdom
BMG Camden
74321 757422
August 14, 2000
This Camden UK release includes Pandemonium Shadow Show, Aerial Ballet, and Aerial Pandemonium Ballet as a single two-CD set with previously-released bonus tracks.


Aerial Ballet MP3 Download
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet MP3 Download
Pandemonium Shadow Show MP3 Download


Liner Notes: Andrea Sheridan


1-"Ten Little Indians"
3-"Cuddly Toy"
4-"She Sang Hymns Out of Tune"
5-"You Can't Do That"
6-"Sleep Late My Lady Friend"
7-"She's Leaving Home"
8-"There Will Never Be"
9-"Without Her"
11-"It's Been So Long"
12-"River Deep-Mountain High"
13-"Daddy's Song"
14-"Good Old Desk"
15-"Don't Leave Me"
16-"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song"
17-"Little Cowboy"
19-"Everybody's Talkin'"
20-"I Said Goodbye To Me"
21-"Little Cowboy"
22-"Mr. Tinker"
24-"The Wailing Of The Willow"
26-"1941 {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
27-"Daddy's Song {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
28-"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
29-"Good Old Desk {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
30-"Everybody's Talkin' {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
31-"Bath {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
32-"The Filler"
33-"River Deep-Mountain High {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Remix}"
34-"Sleep Late My Lady Friend {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
35-"Don't Leave Me {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
36-"Without Her {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet Remix}"
37-"Together {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
38-"One {Aerial Pandemonium Ballet}"
39-"As I Wander Lonely"
40-"Miss Butter's Lament"
41-"Sister Marie"
42-"Wasting My Time"


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