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Movies and TV Shows

Practical Magic

United States
October 16, 1998
Harry Nilsson's recording of "Coconut" is heard in the film Practical Magic.

Practical Magic (Snap Case Packaging)
Practical Magic (Snap Case Packaging)


Actor ("Antonia Owens"): Alexandra Artrip
Actor ("Aunt Bridget 'Jet' Owens"): Dianne Wiest
Actor ("Aunt Frances 'Franny' Owens"): Stockard Channing
Actor ("Cousin Carla Owens"): Chloe Webb
Actor ("Debbie"): Mary Gross
Actor ("Dwight"): Rich Sickler
Actor ("Gillian 'Gilly-Bean' Owens"): Nicole Kidman
Actor ("Ice Cream Boy"): Colby Cochran
Actor ("Ice Cream Girl"): Caitlyn Holley
Actor ("Jack"): Peter Shaw
Actor ("James 'Jimmy' Angelov"): Goran Visnjic
Actor ("Kylie Owens"): Evan Rachel Wood
Actor ("Linda Bennett"): Margo Martindale
Actor ("Lovelorn Lady"): Annabella Price
Actor ("Lovelorn's Lover"): Ken Serratt Jr.
Actor ("Maria Owens"): Caprice Benedetti
Actor ("Michael"): Mark Feuerstein
Actor ("Nan"): Cordelia Richards
Actor ("Officer Gary Hallet"): Aidan Quinn
Actor ("Old Man Wilkes"): Jack Kirschke
Actor ("Old Woman Wilkes"): Herta Ware
Actor ("P.T.C. Mom #1"): Jeanne Robinson
Actor ("P.T.C. Mom #2"): Deborah Kancher
Actor ("Patty"): Martha Gehman
Actor ("Pharmacist"): Ellen Geer
Actor ("Puritan Minister"): John McLeod
Actor ("Regina Owens"): Caralyn Kozlowski
Actor ("Sally 'Sal' Owens"): Sandra Bullock
Actor ("Sara"): Lucinda Jenney
Actor ("Sara's Boy"): Trevor Duncan
Actor ("Young Gillian Owens"): Lora Anne Criswell
Actor ("Young Sally Owens"): Camilla Belle
Actor ("Young Sara"): Courtney Dettrich
Author: Alice Hoffman
Cinematography: Andrew Dunn
Co-Producer: Robin Swicord
Director: Griffin Dunne
Editor: Elizabeth Kling
Executive Producer: Bruce Berman
Executive Producer: Denise Di Novi
Executive Producer: Mary McLaglen
Original Music: Alan Silvestri
Original Music: Nick Drake
Original Music: Stevie Nicks
Screenwriter: Robin Swicord
Screenwriter: Adam Brooks
Screenwriter: Akiva Goldsman




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