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Movies and TV Shows

Private School

United States
Harry Nilsson's "You're Breaking My Heart" is heard in the film Private School.


Actor ("Arcade Voice"): Gayle Goldin
Actor ("Bambi Leigh-Jensen"): Karen Chase
Actor ("Bandleader"): Bill Wray
Actor ("Bellboy"): Steve Levitt
Actor ("Betsy"): Kathleen Wilhoite
Actor ("Birdie Fallmouth"): Frances Bay
Actor ("Bubba Beauregard"): Michael Zorek
Actor ("Chauncey"): Ray Walston
Actor ("Christine Ramsey"): Phoebe Cates
Actor ("Coach Whelan"): Julie Payne
Actor ("Desk Clerk"): Zale Kessler
Actor ("Dorm Boy"): Vernon Scott
Actor ("Dorm Boy"): Douglas Warhit
Actor ("Dorm Boy"): Randy Chance Graham
Actor ("Dorm Boy"): Robert Parker
Actor ("Drug Store Clerk"): Martin Mull
Actor ("Jim Green"): Matthew Modine
Actor ("Jordan Leigh-Jenson"): Betsy Russell
Actor ("Miss Dutchbok"): Fran Ryan
Actor ("Mr. Flugel"): Richard Stahl
Actor ("Mr. Leigh-Jensen"): Frank Aletter
Actor ("Mr. Ramsay"): Burke Byrnes
Actor ("Ms. Regina Copoletta"): Sylvia Kristel
Actor ("Rita"): Kari Lizer
Actor ("Roy"): Jonathan Prince
Actor ("School Girl"): Brinke Stevens
Actor ("School Girl"): Nadine Van der Velde
Actor ("School Girl"): Christy Curtis
Actor ("School Girl"): Zetta Whitlow
Actor ("School Girl"): Joni Lynn Ward
Actor ("School Girl"): Lori Plager
Actor ("School Girl"): Lynda Wiesmeier
Assistant Producer: Lane Maloney
Cinematography: Walter Lassally
Director: Noel Black
Editor: Fred Chulack
Producer: R. Ben Efraim
Producer: Don Enright
Screenplay: Suzanne O'Malley
Screenplay: Dan Greenburg


---"You're Breaking My Heart"

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