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Movies and TV Shows

Real Life

United States
"Jump Into the Fire" is heard playing on a radio during a scene in Albert Brooks's film Real Life.


Actor ("Assistant Surgeon"): Charles H. Reid
Actor ("Councilman Harris"): Dick Haynes
Actor ("Donna Stanley"): Phyllis Quinn
Actor ("Dr. Anne Kramer"): Julie Payne
Actor ("Dr. Howard Jill"): Matthew Tobin
Actor ("Dr. Isaac Steven Hayward"): Norman Bartold
Actor ("Dr. Jeremy Nolan"): David Spielberg
Actor ("Dr. Maxwell Rennert"): Johnny Haymer
Actor ("Dr. Ted Cleary"): J.A. Preston
Actor ("Driver"): Zeke Manners
Actor ("Driving Evaluator"): James L. Brooks
Actor ("Eric Yeager"): Robert Stirrat
Actor ("Felton Family Member"): Carolyn Silas
Actor ("Felton Family Member"): Barbara DeZonia
Actor ("Felton Family Member"): Dudley DeZonia
Actor ("Felton Family Member"): Adam Grant
Actor ("Himself"): Mort Lindsey
Actor ("Himself"): Albert Brooks
Actor ("Horse Owner"): Nudie
Actor ("Jack from Cincinnati"): James Ritz
Actor ("Jeannette Yeager"): Frances Lee McCain
Actor ("Jeannette's Father"): Jerry Jensen
Actor ("Jeannette's Mother"): Belle Richter
Actor ("Jim Sanders"): Leo McElroy
Actor ("Lisa Yeager"): Lisa Urette
Actor ("Margaret"): Thelma Bernstein
Actor ("Martin Brand"): Jennings Lang
Actor ("Minister"): Ward Rodgers
Actor ("Nurse"): Michele Grace
Actor ("Nurse"): Susan Clark
Actor ("Paul Lowell"): Joseph Schaffler
Actor ("Pete"): Harry Shearer
Actor ("Reporter"): Carlos Jurado
Actor ("Role Reversal Family Member"): Clifford Einstein
Actor ("Role Reversal Family Member"): Harry Einstein
Actor ("Role Reversal Family Member"): Karen Einstein
Actor ("Role Reversal Family Member"): Mandy Einstein
Actor ("Second Reporter"): S.W. Smith
Actor ("Third Reporter"): Fred Wolfson
Actor ("Warren Yeager"): Charles Grodin
Cinematography: Eric Saarinen
Director: Albert Brooks
Editor: David Finfer
Executive: Jonathan Kovler
Executive Producer: Norman Epstein
Original Music: Mort Lindsey
Producer: Penelope Spheeris
Screenplay: Albert Brooks
Screenplay: Harry Shearer
Screenplay: Monica Mcgowan Johnson


---"Jump Into the Fire"


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