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Reissues - 2002/2003

From Everybody's Talkin' #18

After years of suffering through a drought, Nilsson fans are enjoying a flood of new Nilsson CDs.

Back in the UK ...

BMG's label in England, Camden, has reissued several of Harry Nilsson's albums on CD. Two of the CDs are "two-fers" - Duit on Mon Dei / Sandman and ...That's the Way It Is / Knnillssonn. The third new CD is A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night with the album as it was originally sequenced plus the songs from A Touch More Schmilsson in the Night added as bonus tracks. The final new CD from the UK is Pussy Cats. The songs on Pussy Cats are the same as on the US Buddha reissue.

The new Camden CDs are in standard jewel boxes with cardboard sleeves like the previous Camden reissues. The photos on the front of the sleeves show the original album covers pasted for display in a store window under a banner reading "NILSSON." Harry's reflection can be seen in the window very nice!

The back of each sleeve is a small image of the original album cover and a track listing. The CD booklet covers match the original album covers. The "two-fers" have both album covers on the front of each booklet with one album in front of the other. The back has the other album on top.

Curtis Armstrong wrote the liner notes for the Duit on Mon Dei / Sandman CD. Curtis interviewed Perry Botkin and Van Dyke Parks for the article and it's a great read. The booklet also reproduces the lyrics and other images from both album covers.

Curtis's excellent liner notes for ...That's the Way It Is / Knillssonn are a continuation of the Duit on Mon Dei / Sandman CD's notes. Again the booklet reproduces all the interesting images from the original album covers.

Andrea Sheridan wrote the new liner notes for A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night. Andrea's article reveals information about the sessions that I didn't know and haven't read anywhere else.

Japanese Reissues ...

In Japan, BMG has released several new CDs. The Pandemonium Shadow Show CD includes "As I Wander Lonely" and "She Sang Hymns Out of Tune" ("Canadian Release Version") as bonus tracks. Aerial Ballet bonus tracks are "Sister Marie", "Miss Butter's Lament", and "Girlfriend". Aerial Pandemonium Ballet bonus tracks are "You Can't Do That" (alternate version), "Isolation", "Joy" (alternate version), "Early In The Morning" (alternate version), "Walk Right Back/Cathy's Clown", and "The Filler". The bonus tracks on Harry are "I Will Take You There" (alternate mix), "I Will Take You There" (mono single version), "Waiting", "Rainmaker" (monophonic single version), and "Wasting My Time".

The reissue of Nilsson Sings Newman includes the same bonus tracks as the US Buddha release, "Snow", "Love Story" (alternate version), "Cowboy" (alternate version), "I'll Be Home" (alternate version), and "Living Without You" (alternate version).

The Japanese reissue of The Point! Is essentially the same as DCC's recent reissue. It includes "Down To The Valley" and "Buy My Album" as bonus tracks.

Nilsson Schmilsson has the same bonus tracks as the Buddha US reissue - "Without You" (demo), "Driving Along" (demo), "Gotta Get Up" (demo), "Coconut" (demo), "Down" (demo), "The Moon Beam Song" (demo), and "Jump Into the Fire" (single version) plus Harry's Italian and Spanish versions of "Without You" - "Per Chi" and "Si No Estas Tu".

Like the earlier UK reissue, Son of Schmilsson has two demo versions of "Joy" as bonus tracks. The A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night reissue includes the same "Touch More" bonus tracks as the Camden reissue. The Japanese Pussy Cats reissue has the same track listing as the Buddha US reissue.

Duit on Mon Dei includes a single bonus track, a demo of "Turn Out The Lights". Sandman and ...That's the Way It Is have been reissued without any bonus tracks.

Knnillssonn includes Harry's performance of "Ain't It Kinda Wonderful" from Gene Wilder's film, The World's Greatest Lover.

The final new Japanese CD is Greatest Hits which has the same track listing as the recent US collection with the same name. A reissue of Son of Dracula was planned and announced by BMG in Japan, but was never released because of licensing problems with Apple.

Revisiting the Pointless Forest ...

The most exciting of the new reissues is from BMG's new Heritage label in the US. On November 19, 2002, Heritage released a new CD of Harry Nilsson's The Point!. The album is re-mastered and comes in a slipcase with two booklets. The first is a reproduction of the comic book; the other includes new liner notes by Curtis Armstrong and artwork including the original The Point! cover designed by Dean Torrence before he decided to use the needlepoint version.

There are four previously unreleased bonus tracks on the album:

"Life Line" (Take 4) is an early piano/organ vocal take.

"Down To The Valley" is an alternate version of the song - remixed and including the coda which was cut off the single release. Curtis describes it as very "Pet-Soundsy."

"Think About Your Troubles" (Take 4) is a completely different version of the song recorded with the orchestra in 1969.

"I'll Never Leave You" (demo) is included as a "hidden" bonus track. The song was originally intended for the The Point! but was removed at the last minute. The Point! version remains lost, but this demo was discovered on an unrelated tape, unmarked. Unfortunately, it is also incomplete. On the tape it cuts off abruptly after ninety seconds. They are, however, an exquisite ninety seconds.

Although it has not been officially announced, according to Curtis Armstrong, the next album to receive the deluxe re-issue treatment from BMG/Heritage will be Nilsson Schmilsson [Note: The release of NS has been delayed until 2004].

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