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Movies and TV Shows

Riding In Cars With Boys

United States
October 19, 2001
Portions of "Me And My Arrow" and "Everything's Got 'Em" are heard in the film Riding In Cars With Boys.


Actor ("1st Phone Call Flirt"): Paz de la Huerta
Actor ("Al"): Wade Mylius
Actor ("Amelia (Age 1)"): Kaitlyn Pick
Actor ("Amelia (Age 3)"): Samantha Reale
Actor ("Amelia (Age 6)"): Samantha Lucier
Actor ("Amelia (Age 8)"): Skye McCole Bartusiak
Actor ("Amelia Forrester"): Maggie Gyllenhaal
Actor ("Aunt Ann"): Maryann Urbano
Actor ("Baby Walker"): Jared Scott
Actor ("Beverly D'Onofrio (Age 11)"): Mika Boorem
Actor ("Beverly D'Onofrio"): Drew Barrymore
Actor ("Bobby"): Desmond Harrington
Actor ("Christina Barr"): Sara Gilbert
Actor ("Cindy"): Kristin Proctor
Actor ("Cop"): Carl Capotorto
Actor ("Cop"): Robert Greenhut
Actor ("Counselor"): Jon Korkes
Actor ("D'Onofrio Cousin"): Heather Hodder
Actor ("Dennis Forrester"): Michael Linstroth
Actor ("Fay Hope Forrester"): Brittany Murphy
Actor ("Heald Family Member"): Richard Keith
Actor ("Jail Ward"): Kevin O'Rourke
Actor ("Janet (Age 12)"): Olivia Morgan Scheck
Actor ("Janet (Age 19)"): Marisa Ryan
Actor ("Janet (Age 8)"): Celine Marget
Actor ("Jason (Age 1)"): Skye Arens
Actor ("Jason (Age 2)"): Robert Salerno
Actor ("Jason (Age 2)"): Patrick Salerno
Actor ("Jason (Age 3)"): Logan Arens
Actor ("Jason (Age 6)"): Cody Arens
Actor ("Jason (Age 8)"): Logan Lerman
Actor ("Jason (Baby)"): Briana Tilden
Actor ("Jason (Newborn)"): Joseph M. Cannizaro
Actor ("Jason (Newborn)"): Noah Hartwick
Actor ("Jason D'Onofrio"): Adam Garcia
Actor ("Jenny"): Aleksia Landeau
Actor ("Karen"): Temple Brooks
Actor ("Karen's Friend"): Lauren Lake
Actor ("Kevin"): Jordan Gelber
Actor ("Linebacker"): Vincent De Paul
Actor ("Linebacker"): Joseph Cassese
Actor ("Lizard"): David Moscow
Actor ("Louie"): John DeGrazio
Actor ("Mark"): Kevin Thoms
Actor ("Mary"): Marilyn Spanier
Actor ("Mr. Forrester"): John Bedford Lloyd
Actor ("Mr. Leonard D'Onofrio"): James Woods
Actor ("Mrs. Forrester"): Susan Forristal
Actor ("Mrs. Teresa D'Onofrio"): Lorraine Bracco
Actor ("Nurse"): Tracy Reiner
Actor ("Pete"): Gene Canfield
Actor ("Phone Flirt"): Nicole Winston
Actor ("Raymond Hasek"): Steve Zahn
Actor ("Shirley Perro"): Rosie Perez
Actor ("Sky Barrister"): Gabriel Carpenter
Actor ("Sophia"): Sophia Barricelli
Actor ("Student-Secretary from '69"): Robin Paul
Actor ("Sweeny's Owner"): Gaetano Lisi
Actor ("Tommy Butcher"): Peter Facinelli
Actor ("Townie Girl"): Alissa Dean
Actor ("Townie Girl"): Sara Klingebiel
Actor ("Townie Girl"): Jessica Leshnower
Actor ("Townie Girl"): Randi Rosenholtz
Actor ("Uncle Lou"): Vincent Pastore
Actor ("Wedding Singer Tony"): Dusty Rizzo
Actor ("Zippy"): Sean Liotine
Author: Beverly D'Onofrio
Cinematography: Miroslav Ondricek
Co-Producer: Amy Lemisch
Co-Producer: Beverly D'Onofrio
Co-Producer: Timothy M. Bourne
Director: Penny Marshall
Editor: Lawrence Jordan
Editor: Richard Marks
Executive Producer: Bridget Johnson
Executive Producer: Morgan Ward
Original Music: Hans Zimmer
Original Music: Heitor Pereira
Producer: James L. Brooks
Producer: Richard Sakai
Producer: Laurence Mark
Producer: Sara Colleton
Producer: Julie Ansell
Screenplay: Morgan Upton Ward


---"Me And My Arrow"
---"Everything's Got 'Em"


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