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Movies and TV Shows

Shanghai Knights

United States
February 3, 2003
Harry Nilsson's recording of "One" plays during a scene in which Owen Wilson's character "Roy O'Bannon" is separated from Jackie Chan's "Chon Wang."


Actor ("Charlie Chaplin"): Aaron Johnson
Actor ("Chon Lin"): Fann Wong
Actor ("Chon Wang"): Jackie Chan
Actor ("Chon Wang's Father"): Kim Chan
Actor ("Cigarette Girl"): Daisy Beaumont
Actor ("Deputy"): Matt Hill
Actor ("Det. Artie Doyle"): Tom Fisher
Actor ("Fagin #1"): Jonathan Harvey
Actor ("Front Desk Clerk"): Eric Meyers
Actor ("Head Waiter"): Stephen Fisher
Actor ("Imperial Guard"): Vincent Wang
Actor ("Jack the Ripper"): Oliver Cotton
Actor ("Lead Boxer Liu"): Tom Wu
Actor ("Lord Chancellor"): Barry Stanton
Actor ("Master At Arms"): Richard Bremmer
Actor ("Mayor of New York"): Constantine Gregory
Actor ("Newspaper Boy"): Charlie Hawkins
Actor ("Prostitute"): Alison King
Actor ("Queen Victoria"): Gemma Jones
Actor ("Rathbone Guard"): Gerard Whelan
Actor ("Rathbone"): Aidan Gillen
Actor ("Roy O'Bannon"): Owen Wilson
Actor ("Server"): John Owens
Actor ("Shotgun"): Terry Howson
Actor ("Street Preacher"): Richard Haas
Actor ("Waiter"): Ryan James
Actor ("Wu Yip"): Donnie Yen
Associate Producer: David Minkowski
Associate Producer: Matthew Stillman
Cinematography: Harvey Harrison
Cinematography: Adrian Biddle
Director: David Dobkin
Editor: Malcolm Campbell
Executive Producer: Solon So
Executive Producer: Edward McDonnell
Executive Producer: Willie Chan
Executive Producer: Jackie Chan
Executive Producer: Stephanie Austin
Original Music: Randy Edelman
Producer: Jonathan Glickman
Producer: Roger Birnbaum
Producer: Gary Barber
Screenwriter: Alfred Gough
Screenwriter: Miles Millar




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