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Skidoo / The Point!

Skidoo / The Point!
United States
BMG Camden

August 14, 2000
The Point! and Skidoo on one CD.


Skidoo MP3 Download
The Point! MP3 Download


Liner Notes: Sue Schnelzer


1-"Cast And Crew"
2-"I Will Take You There"
4-"Goodnight Mr. Banks"
5-"Let's Get The Hardware"
6-"Murder In The Car Wash"
7-"Angie's Suite"
8-"The Tree"
9-"Garbarge Can Ballet"
10-"Tony's Trip"
11-"Escape Impossible"
12-"Green Bay Packers March"
13-"Man Wasn't Meant To Fly"
14-"Escape Possible"
16-"Goodnight Mr. Banks"
17-"Everything's Got 'Em"
18-"The Town (Narration)"
19-"Me And My Arrow"
20-"The Game (Narration)"
21-"Poli High"
22-"The Trial and Banishment (Narration)"
23-"Think About Your Troubles"
24-"The Pointed Man (Narration)"
25-"Life Line"
26-"The Birds (Narration)"
27-"P.O.V. Waltz"
28-"The Clearing in the Woods (Narration)"
29-"Are You Sleeping?"
30-"Oblio's Return (Narration)"
31-"I Will Take You There {Alternate Mix}"
33-"Down To The Valley"
34-"Buy My Album"


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