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United States
In Skidoo, an ex-gangster is called out of retirement by a mob kingpin to carry out a hit on a fellow mobster.

As well as making a cameo appearance in the movie, Harry Nilsson composed the songs and score for Skidoo. Nilsson actually sang the closing credits for the film.

"About one in a thousand will have the temperament to like this." -- Leonard Maltin

During the making of Skidoo, the FBI investigated how the Bureau would be portrayed in the film. The Smoking Gun has copies of FBI memos on Skidoo.

Harry invited his father's family to the premiere of Skidoo in Miami. Harry had not seen his father for many years before that.

To promote the film, Harry appeared with Skidoo's director, Otto Preminger, in an episode of Hugh Hefner's TV program "Playboy After Dark". One of the songs Harry performed on the show was "Cast And Crew".


Actor ("Angie"): Frankie Avalon
Actor ("Flo Banks"): Carol Channing
Actor ("Leech"): Michael Constantine
Actor ("Man"): Frank Gorshin
Actor ("Stash"): John Phillip Law
Actor ("The Senator"): Peter Lawford
Actor ("Tony Banks"): Jackie Gleason
Actor ("Tower Guard"): Harry Nilsson
Actor ("Tower Guard"): Fred Clark
Director: Otto Preminger
Original Music: Harry Nilsson
Producer: Otto Preminger


---"Cast And Crew"
---"Man Wasn't Meant To Fly"
---"Green Bay Packers March"
---"Escape Impossible"
---"Tony's Trip"
---"Garbarge Can Ballet"
---"The Tree"
---"Angie's Suite"
---"Murder In The Car Wash"
---"Let's Get The Hardware"
---"Goodnight Mr. Banks"
---"I Will Take You There"
---"Escape Possible"


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