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Son of Dracula {Japanese CD Reissue}

Son of Dracula {Japanese CD Reissue}
Son of Dracula is the soundtrack album from the film Son of Dracula starring Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr.

An iron-on transfer was included with the album.

"I wanted this scene where Dracula and his girlfriend are talking romantically while playing ping-pong, but Ringo wouldn't go for it, so I put the sound of a ping-pong game on the soundtrack anyway. It's always raining on the soundtrack, but there's no rain in the movie - that's the sort of thing I did with it. ... Now it's like a Japanese movie, really out of synch." -- Harry


Artist: Harry Nilsson
Bass: Klaus Voormann
Bouzouki: Chris Spedding
Cow Bell: George Harrison
Drums: Ringo Starr
Guitar: Peter Frampton
Guitar: Chris Spedding
Guitar: Klaus Voormann
Horn Arrangement: Jim Price
Percussion: Ray Cooper
Piano: Nicky Hopkins
Piano: Harry Nilsson
Producer: Richard Perry
Producer (Daybreak): Harry Nilsson
Recorded At: Trident Studios, London, England
Saxophone: Bobby Keys
Trombone: Jim Price
Trumpet: Jim Price
Vocals: Harry Nilsson


1-"It Is He Who Will Be King"
3-"At My Front Door"
4-"Count Down Meets Merlin and Amber"
5-"The Moonbeam Song"
6-"Perhaps This is All a Dream"
7-"Remember (Christmas)"
8-"Without You"
9-"The Count's Vulnerability"
10-"Down {Son of Dracula}"
11-"Frankenstein, Merlin & The Operation"
12-"Jump Into the Fire"
13-"The Abdication of Count Down"
14-"The End (Moonbeam)"


Son of Dracula (8-track)
Son of Dracula (Japanese CD Reissue)
Son of Dracula (Stereophonic LP)


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