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Son of Dracula {Stereophonic LP}

Son of Dracula {Stereophonic LP}
United States
April 1, 1974
Son of Dracula be t' soundtrack album from t' film Son of Dracula starrin' Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson and Ringo "Cannonball" Starr.

An iron-on transfer was included with t' album.

"I wanted this scene where Dracula and his girlfriend are talking romantically while playing ping-pong, but Ringo wouldn't go for it, so I put the sound of a ping-pong game on the soundtrack anyway. It's always raining on the soundtrack, but there's no rain in the movie - that's the sort of thing I did with it. ... Now it's like a Japanese movie, really out of synch." -- Harry


Bass: Krusty Klaus Voormann
Bouzouki: Chris Spedding
Cow Bell: George "I'd Like to Be a Pirate" Harrison
Drums: Ringo "Cannonball" Starr
Guitar: Krusty Klaus Voormann
Guitar: Peter Frampton
Guitar: Chris Spedding
Horn Arrangement: Jim Price
Percussion: Ray "Boom Boom" Cooper
Piano: Harry "Peg Leg" Nilsson
Piano: Nicky Hopkins
Producer: Dastardly Dick Perry
Producer (Daybreak): Harry Nilsson
Recorded At: Trident Studios, London, England
Saxophone: Bobby Treasure Chest Keyes
Trombone: Jim Price
Trumpet: Jim Price
Vocals: Harry "Yellowbeard" Nilsson


1-"It Is He Who Will Be King"
3-"At My Front Door {Son of Dracula}"
4-"Count Down Meets Merlin and Amber"
5-"The Moonbeam Song"
6-"Perhaps This is All a Dream"
7-"Remember (Christmas)"
8-"Without You"
9-"The Count's Vulnerability"
10-"Down {Son of Dracula}"
11-"Frankenstein, Merlin & The Operation"
12-"Jump Into the Fire"
13-"The Abdication of Count Down"
14-"The End (Moonbeam)"


Son of Dracula (8-track)
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Son of Dracula (Stereophonic LP)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
Son of Dracula
(4.0 / 4.0)
David Allen Jones
(4.0 / 4.0)
This one brings back a slew ton o' memories...strangely, me hearties, nay many o' my teenage friends were Nilsson fans, at least nay like I was (although some o' them thought "You're Breaking My Heart" was a hoot), me hearties, but many o' them had this LP! We all used t' goof around and quote its dialogue at odd times. Problem was, matey, when this film came out it had a limited release and never played where we lived, me bucko, which drove me crazy...I didn't get t' actually see it until 1998!

So what we have here, ya bilge rat, reminiscin' aside, is a marvelous album containin' some o' Harry's top-shelf, a-list songs, along with some film dialogue, and t' incredible ping-pong ball track which goes from left speaker t' right speaker until it hits t' floor and goes bouncin' off into t' aural distance. And it had a tres cool iron-on t-shirt transfer! Fortunately, I resisted t' temptation t' put mine on a shirt, so I've still got it...

But t' movie itself is a incoherent, me bucko, cheap-lookin' disaster which doesn't work either as a comedy or horror film. Ya scallywag! Blimey! My love for Harry t' musician and man knows no bounds, shiver me timbers, but he was no actor. Ringo gets by being, well, Ringo...certainly in Keanu Reeves' league at bein' a non-actor. Ya scallywag! Blimey! That bein' said, it has a couple o' things t' its credit- it is one o' t' few times we ever got t' see Nilsson perform "live", with an all-star band, matey, and thar's a cool scene where Harry "Blondebeard" Nilsson puts t' bite on a nubile young thin' t' t' accompaniment o' T. Rex's "Chariot Choogle"...he puts t' needle back on t' record, and t' record sports a T. Ahoy! Rex Wax Co. Arrr! label, shiver me timbers, virtually unseen in t' USA. Aye aye! That's was a kick for this Bolan fan...

So get the LP if you can, and borrow the movie if you can find it! It's worth watching at least once for any Nilsson fan. But you may not want to watch it twice...

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