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Stop and Smell the Roses

By Roger Smith (From Everybody's Talkin' October 1996)

The CD reissue of Ringo Starr's Stop and Smell the Roses album includes a bonus track of messages Ringo recorded to support Harry Nilsson's efforts to stop gun violence. Matt Hurwitz, the publisher of Good Day Sunshine, tells how he helped uncover the recording:

When I was researching the album, I met with Rick Riccio, Harry's engineer, at the Evergreen Studio (now called "Ground Control") in Burbank, California - the very studio where the session took place, which is how I knew how big it was.

It's a very big, very busy facility, with lots of studios. It's housed in what used to be a very big movie theater. This studio was one of the largest in the facility, and is currently used to record, among other things, the orchestral music for each episode of "The Simpsons" (which Riccio records!).

I met with him before a "Simpsons" session, and we listened to the three tracks from the album, and he told me everything he remembered about each one. He also brought along some tapes he had dug up from his own collection "out in the garage." He opened one box which had a 1/4" mix on it and said, "What's this?" He put it on, and we heard the Gun Control things, to which he went, "Oh, yeah, I know what this is."

There were several takes on there, as well as some other unfinished material which was really very funny, some French sort of Maurice Chevalier parody. We couldn't use it, because it wasn't related to the Ringo album, but I heard it at least.

Good Day Sunshine is America's top Beatles magazine. Each large (usually 80 pages or more) issue contains a wealth of Beatles news and information. A five-issue subscription is $15.00 ($24.00 for VIP service through 1st Class Mail, $18.00 for Canada, $24.00 outside the US and Canada, US funds only).

P.O. Box 1008
Mar Vista, CA 90066-1008

For more information call (310) 391-0778 or send e-mail to Matt at GDS1964@aol.com. If you order a subscription, be sure to mention that you heard about it in Everybody's Talkin'.

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