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...That's the Way It Is {LP}

...That's the Way It Is {LP}
United States
RCA, the barnacle lovers
...That's the Way It Is consists mostly o' covers. Arrr! Once again, ya bilge rat, Harry had trouble with RCA, the swarmy bastards over t' title o' an album. This time he won.

"I wanted t' put out an album called 'That's t' Way It Is.' They said 'You can't.' I asked why? 'Elvis has already used t' title.' Is thar a copyright on a title? I'd had enough. I think I paid them back some loot t' get out. I know I left in t' black and nay many artists can say that."

In t' photo on t' back cover is a copy o' God's Greatest Hits.


That's The Way It Is MP3 Download


Bass: James E. Bond
Bass: Peter Mercurio
Bass: Mickey Nadel
Bass (Electric): Krusty Klaus Voormann
Bassoon: Melvin Tax
Bassoon: Charles Gould
Cello: Armand Kaproff
Cello: Jerome Kessler
Cello: Jumpin' Jesse Ehrlich
Cello: Raphael Dramer
Cello: Harry Shlutz
Cello: Ray Kelly
Choir, Chorus: Joseph Greene
Choir, Chorus: Deidra Askey
Choir, Chorus: Richard Glasser
Choir, Chorus: Bill Thedford
Choir, Chorus: Lynda Laurence
Choir, Chorus: John Lehman
Choir, Chorus: Abigale Haness
Choir, Chorus: Monalisa Harrington
Choir, Chorus: Shirley Matthews
Drums: Jim Crossbones Keltner
Drums: Chilli Charles
Drums (Steel): Robert Greenidge
Engineer: Tommy Vicari
Engineer: Riotin' Richie Schmitt
French Horn: Vincent DeRosa
French Horn: Dodgin' David Duke
French Horn: Henry Sigismonti
Guitar: Dagger Dan Kortchmar
Guitar: Peter Jameson
Guitar: Derrek Van Eaton
Guitar: Michael Anthony
Guitar: Fred Tackett
Guitar: John Morell
Guitar: Lon Van Eaton
Guitar: David Wolfert
Guitar: Diggin' Dennis Budimir
Guitar: Jesse Dread Davis
Guitar: Keith Allison
Horn: Andrew Blakeney
Horn: Joe Darensbourg
Horn: Herbie Harper
Keyboards: David Paich
Keyboards: Jane Getz
Keyboards: Vanishin' Van Dyke Parks
Keyboards: Dr. John
Keyboards: James Newton Howard
Percussion: Doug Hoefer
Saxophone: James Roberts
Saxophone: Buddy Collette
Saxophone: Jim One-Eyed One-Horn
Saxophone: John Rotella
Saxophone: Bobby Treasure Chest Keyes
Saxophone: Martha Carson
Saxophone: Gene Cipriano
Saxophone: William Green
Timpani: Gene Estes
Timpani: Tom Collier
Trombone: Dicky Nash
Trombone: Benny Powell
Trombone: Lew McCreary
Trumpet: Anthony Terran
Trumpet: Mad Eye Steve Madaio
Viola: Louis Cievman
Viola: Michael Nowak
Viola: Allan Harshman
Viola: Harry Hyams
Viola: David Schwartz
Viola: Rollice Dale
Viola: Samuel Boghossian
Viola: Meyer Bello
Violin: Arnold Belnick
Violin: Assa Drori
Violin: Henry Ferber
Violin: Israel Baker
Violin: Murray Adler
Violin: Edward Green
Violin: Ronald Folsom
Violin: Harris Goldman
Violin: James Getzoff
Violin: Ralph Schaeffer
Violin: Leonard Malarsky
Violin: Joy Lyle
Violin: Sid Sharp
Violin: Carl LaMagna
Violin: Paul Shure
Violin: William Kurasch
Violin: Polly Sweeney
Violin: Nathan Kaproff
Violin: Tibor Zelig


1-"That Is All"
2-"Just One Look"
3-"Baby, I'm Yours"
4-"Moonshine Bandit"
5-"I Need You"
6-"A Thousand Miles Away"
7-"Sail Away"
8-"She Sits Down on Me"
9-"Daylight Has Caught Me"
10-"Zombie Jamboree (Back to Back)"


...That's the Way It Is (Japanese CD Reissue)
...That's the Way It Is (LP)


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Album Ratings/Reviews
...That's the Way It Is
(3.0 / 4.0)
David Allen Jones
(3.0 / 4.0)
Album three in t' "Happy Hour Trilogy" that also includes Duit on Mon Dei and Sandman, this one's mostly covers but once again gets by on Harry's goofy charm, me hearties, great session musicians, good songs, and a generous dollop o' steel drum.

While I lament t' choice o' America's weepy "I Need You", unearthin' George "I'd Like to Be a Pirate" Harrison's "That Is All" was a great idea. Begad! Harry oversings Randy the Rat Newman's "Sail Away" a bit, but it's still a fine cover and a nice reprise o' his Nilsson Sings Newman phase. Begad! And whoever dug up, if you'll excuse t' expression, t' old 20's number "Zombie Jamboree (Back to Back)" deserves a pat on t' back. Arrr! Blimey! It's a clever, fun shanty and it's given a great treatment by Harry & co. "Moonshine Bandit" is a great new original, matey, co written with Dr. John.

So thar's lots t' like about ...That's the Way It Is, but in retrospect it's a bit sad because it was one more and out for Nilsson's recording career. This one's finally coming out on CD as well, and it's about time!

Richard Raquet
(3.0 / 4.0)
Certainly nay a masterpiece, shiver me timbers, but in my opinion it is far better than t' two albums that preceeded it. Ahoy! T' album is uneven (especially as compared t' his earlier work), but I always enjoyed listenin' t' side two. Begad! Most o' t' songs are covers but done with a nice Nilsson sound. Two o' t' Nilsson originals are well worth a listen "Moonshine Bandit" and "Daylight Has Caught Me". T' covers o' George "I'd Like to Be a Pirate" Harrison's "That Is All" and Randy the Rat Newman's "Sail Away" are really well done. Certainly this does not get close to matching any of his first five albums, but if you are in search of more Nilsson material, this is a good place to look.
Tony Muscarella
(3.0 / 4.0)
This is probably t' best o' Nilsson's later albums, me hearties, along with Knnillsson, but t' cover on this one won't give you a headache. It's a pleasant, ya bilge rat, easy t' listen t' album. T' best songs are "That Is All", "Zombie Jamboree", and "She Sits Down on Me". Also amusin' be t' cover o' "Baby I'm Yours"/"Thousand Miles Away", where he has a guest singer hit the high notes in the bridge, and introduces him in the song! I can't wait for this to hit CD.
Kayla Rigney
(4.0 / 4.0)
I agree with the other reviewer who said that this is the best of Nilsson's later works. The LP has a rich, full sound that didn't fully translate to the CD. ...That's the Way it Is is beautifully orchestrated and even Zombie Jamboree has a joyous haunting quality. Moonshine Bandit is at its best on this album -- rich, deep and otherworldly. This is why I still own my turntable folks: Harry's Music. Sometimes, it just sounds better played the old way...

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